How to Make Custom Candle Labels (Tips & Ideas)

How to Make Custom Candle Labels (Tips & Ideas)

Candle Packaging is as important as the candle labels. Because the candle labels tells the critical information like their fragrance description, ingredients, burn time and other usage instructions which are useful for the customers.

These are not just important to convey the brand message if you have a candle business, but also to tell the brand journey and vision. The perfect labels for your candle products hold the power to build a strong relationship between the brand and the customers.

And today we will figure it out how you can create your own custom candle labels from designing and manufacturing to their application.

We put our best efforts into turning your candles look as good as their amazing smell. Let’s first start with the definition of candle labels.

What are Candle Labels?

Candle labels are just similar to stickers applied on the outer surface of the candles for the customer’s convenience. These sticking papers hold important information regarding the brand name, logo, candle scent and ingredients.

candle labels

This is a great candle packaging idea used to highlight the brand and its products. Candle labels offer customers an understanding of the brand’s vision and candle specifications. The first thing that interacts with the consumers is undoubtedly the candle labels.

It remains in front of the buyer’s sight as soon as he looks at the candle. The candle labels should be attractive to get the customer’s attention and let them know about the scent as well as the ingredients.

Why do you Need Custom Candle Labels?

People have now become smart shoppers. They prefer to know about the product specifications before even purchasing it. Custom candle labels are designed to give customers the necessary information. It makes the customers aware of the ingredients used in the candle manufacturing process. It also gives an estimation of the candle’s burning time and guides how to use it in the best possible manner.

Custom labels do not just enhance brand identification rather it is utilized to augment the overall product appearance. The candles with labels hold more sales volume than just a plain container carrying the wax and a wick. Labels make people know about the brand values with a little touch of elegance. Custom labels make your brand prominent in the row of many other brands on the retail store shelves.

5 Easy Steps to Create Custom Candle Labels

Following are the 5 important steps brands should follow to create custom candle labels:

1. Materials Needed for Candle Labels

First of all, you should choose the material for the brilliant design of candle labels. Packaging manufacturers offer a variety of materials for the printing of custom labels. You could get your labels printed in the form of sheets, rolls, or cut-to-size labels.

Temperature-resistant materials are usually preferred for sheets and cut-to-size labels. These materials remain intact during high temperatures. The competitive market brands usually use weatherproof, waterproof, and vinyl materials for candle labels.

White BOPP or clear BOPP materials go well for roll labels. These materials hold great durability and are quite resistant to water, oil, or moisture. The rolls hold resistance against high temperatures.

2. Design a Unique Label that Reflects your Brand

The next step is the designing of an impressive label that depicts the brand’s vision. You can bring your artwork to the tables for the custom-label production. Otherwise, the packaging companies hold expert designers who know the art of giving your expectations a realistic shape.

You can discuss and share your imagination with the designers and they will design what you think is best for your brand’s propagation. They offer customizations to satisfy the clients and earn their satisfaction through exceptional candle labels.

3. Choose the Right Size and Shape for your Candle

To create an amazing label, you should decide the shape and size of the candle label. This could only be done if you have already decided on the container for the perfect presentation of your candles. The selection of an appropriate container is necessary to design an eye-catching custom candle label.

Candles should be designed to enhance brand recognition. It should work as a great promotional tool to increase the customer base and ultimately the company profits. Therefore, make the accurate measurements for the custom label, suitable to the size of the candle container.

4. Typography, Font & Image Choices

Then comes the time to choose the custom label look. The selection of appropriate font and images plays a very important part in making the candle label remarkable. You could not choose a small font as it could become unable to be understood by the potential customers and large would be inappropriate according to the small size of the custom candle label. The label should also hold an image that shows some connection with the scent or the brand.

Companies also prefer to have their logos printed on their labels to make the customers aware of the brand and its products. There should not be any typing errors on the label as this could give a negative impression, taking the customers away from the brand. Everything must be written very well as per the industry standards.

5. Finalize the Printing

Printing is the last step of high-quality candle label production. The selection of premium materials could give you the results you want. The excellent artwork is incomplete without a stupendous printing method. Professional packaging companies hold the best printing alternatives to give your custom candle labels an incredible appearance. They hold superlative materials and a dedicated workforce to fulfill the custom label orders.

4 Creative Design Ideas for Candle Labels

Candle labels could be ordered for distinct purposes, some of which are mentioned below:

Seasonal Themes

To give your candles an exquisite advent, you could go for a custom label design according to the seasonal themes. You can introduce scents for the seasons. The labels would be designed according to the season and fragrance.

– Personalized Labels for Events

Candles could be used as a great gift for distinct events. Therefore, you can order custom labels for the beautification of candles on birthday, conferences, graduation parties, and many others.

– Inspirational Quotes

You can also use motivational quotations to enhance the candle’s appearance. The inspirational quotes hold a great magnetic pull and make the customers attracted to the candle even if they don’t need it.

– Limited Edition Labels

Brands could also introduce limited-edition candles, extensively used during the holiday season for parties and gifts. So, it’s a great way of enhancing the brand profits.

Final Thoughts

Creating custom candle labels is an exciting and creative process that adds a unique touch to your candles and enhances their overall appeal. By following the tips and ideas outlined in this guide, you can design labels that effectively showcase your brand, highlight the candle’s characteristics, and provide important information to consumers.

Remember that the design should resonate with your brand’s identity, the fragrance of the candle, and the target audience’s preferences. Utilizing high-quality materials, considering label placement, and adhering to regulatory requirements are crucial steps in ensuring both aesthetic appeal and compliance.

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