Top 8 Packaging Companies in USA

Top 8 Packaging Companies in USA

Are you searching for the best packaging companies in the USA? The selection of a top packaging manufacturer offering excellent services at an affordable price range is not an easy job for small-scale setups. The availability of multiple options has made the decision-making process quite difficult for companies aspiring to stand distinctive based on their innovative packaging solutions. The Packaging Industry in the USA is estimated at USD 193.31 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 234.85 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 3.97% during the forecast period (2023-2028).

List of 8 USA Packaging Companies

To help your company earn a competitive advantage with unique product packaging, we have listed here 8 leading packaging companies operating in the USA. Our research includes the content regarding the packaging they specialize in and what makes them different from others.

1. International Paper

International paper

International Paper is the leading supplier of fiber-based products in the world. They use nature-friendly packaging materials to keep the consumers safe from hazardous substances. They specialize in the production of absorbent pulp used to manufacture tissues, diapers, and personal care products. They have introduced a system focused on recycling and reduction of waste materials to make this planet a better place for existence.

The parent company named International Paper Company began its operation in the year 1898 with the merger of 20 distinct paper-producing companies in the USA. The company was then acquired by International Paper and Power Corporation in 1941. The company has its headquarters located in  Memphis, Tennessee, United States. They hold around 56000 employees working in distinct corners of the world to deliver the best fiber-based packaging solutions.

2. Ball Corporation


Ball Corporation offers the world’s best aluminum packaging for personal care, beverages, and household products. The company also provides exceptional services to airspace, government, and corporate departments. They hold strong relationships with their worthy customers while giving them innovative packaging solutions to stand distinctive in the competitive market.

Ball Corporation was established in the year 1880 by the partnership of two brothers Edmund and George Ball. The company headquarters are located in Broomfield, Colorado, United States. They hold around 21500 employees all across the world making no compromise on integrity, value, and creativity.

3. Box Agency

box agency

Box Agency is a leading packaging company operating to meet brand needs and satisfy customer requirements. They give your product appearance an innovative touch with modernized packaging solutions. They are operating to keep the products safe during the tough shipping procedures.

Box Agency provides reliability through its exceptional packaging ideas to fulfill the brand’s needs. They have designed perfect packaging solutions to give customers an incredible unboxing experience. The company focuses on the augmentation of sales volume and profit maximization. They hold an experienced team of packaging experts to give customers perfect product protection while enhancing its outlook.

4. Packaging Corporation of America


PCA is one of the largest producers of corrugated cardboard in the USA. They manufacture corrugated product packaging starting from traditional cartons to big shipping containers for facilitating diverse industries. Their services are not just limited to packaging production rather they also hold expertise in custom packaging designing and printing.

Packaging Corporation of America started its prosperous packaging journey in 1867. With more than 150 years of experience, PCA has its headquarters located in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States. They employ around 15000 people working primarily in the USA to deliver quality packaging solutions.

5. Crown Holdings

Crown Holding

Crown Holdings focuses on the production of sustainable packaging solutions to have a positive impact on the environment. They keep a closer check on how to make and what to make. The company holds efficient operational management and promises to keep nature protected from hazardous elements.

Crown Holdings was established in 1892 to reduce waste and extend the shelf life of beverages. The company is headquartered in Yardley, Pennsylvania. They are operating in 40 countries with around 200 plants. They provide brilliant customer service with the support of their 33264 employees functioning in distinct corners of the world.

6. Berry Global


Berry Global is all set to achieve its sustainability goals while being creative to meet the needs of progressing markets. They manufacture quality bag packaging of different sizes and shapes to facilitate customers as well as communities. Their product packaging is quite effortless to carry, sturdy, and safe for the consumers.

Berry Global started its operation in 1967 to minimize the negative impact of product packaging on the environment. Their headquarters are located in Evansville, Indiana, United States. The company holds more than 40000 employees in around 285 locations to ensure protection and development.

7. Sealed Air

Sealed Air

Sealed Air is a customer-centric company operating to provide innovative packaging solutions. They offer sustainable product packaging to deliver a great customer experience. They have focused on the efficient protection of the products while reducing the waste level. They are specialized in creating packaging for food, medicine, and equipment.

Sealed Air was established in 1960 to solve the packaging challenges in the world. They believe in the creation of exceptional value for worthy customers. The company headquarters are located in Charlotte, North California, United States. They employ around 24000 people working in approximately 175 countries to deliver brilliance.

8. DS Smith

DS Smith

DS Smith is one of the leading suppliers of sustainable paper packaging. They hold outstanding recycling services to crack the packaging ultimatums the companies are experiencing while moving on the roads toward progression. They are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction in the competitive European and North American markets.

The company was established in 1840 by the Smith family. DS Smith is a British multinational company with its headquarters located in London, England. They hold around 30,000 employees working in 30 countries to give businesses strategic support through supply chain management. 

Stephan Benjamin

Stephan Benjamin, is a packaging expert at Box Agency, specializes in crafting durable solutions. With extensive experience in manufacturing, he knows the perfect materials for various packaging needs. He shares his expertise on all things packaging-related through his articles.