How to package and ship candles?

How to package and ship candles?

Candles hold comfort and peace in their nature. While working under rigorous pressure and hypertension conditions, it brings attractive aroma and moderation to your busy rosters. The use of decorative candles at homes as well as at restaurants has amplified incredibly in the last few years. According to a survey performed in 2022, the global market for candles has tremendously raised to 8 billion and it will continue to grow at the rate of 2.8% until the year 2028. 

Considering the great prospects, small-scale companies are focusing on the production of scented candles as the industry promises great revenues. However, does anyone know how to ship candles properly without making them suffer through any sort of destruction? Do you know the coziness of candles could be damaged effortlessly if not packaged appropriately? How the manufacturers could pack candles for shipping without the support of an expert packaging company?

Let us start discussing all the queries in detail to make the candle designers understand the importance of packaging. 

Why it is difficult to ship Candles?

To keep the candles safe and intact during the phase of transit, it is imperative to keep a closer check on their packaging. Packaging is not just the candle box rather it grips the construction of cushioning effect that saves the candles from any sort of ruinous consequence. 

Box agency put their best efforts to generate packages fulfilling the safety needs of your precious products and keep them static at their defined position within the box. 

How to Pack Candles for Shipping?

No one could deny the importance of packaging while making your candles move toward their destination. If you want to become an e-commerce expert, then here is a set of few tips that could turn your path smooth towards a progressive online business:

Use a Cushion to secure your Candles 

Candle box inserts the security factor in the packaging process utilizing glass or tin containers, but the provision of additional cushioning is significant while packing candles for shipping. The right use of bubble wrap or the creation of custom candle boxes could prevent your candles from destruction during the delivery process. Proper packaging not only diminishes the risk of breakage but also ensures the endowment of great quality at the specified time to the esteemed shopper.  

Security against High Temperatures

The consideration of weather conditions is essential when choosing the right package for the shipping of candles. High temperatures do not ask for your permission to melt the candles, therefore the selection of suitable candle packaging ideas is imperious for the achievement of customer satisfaction. You can also order insulated boxes to keep the candles safe during severe climatic situations. The formation of insulated boxes undoubtedly augments the packaging cost but no one wants to waste his money on a melted candle. You can also fasten the delivery procedure by employing express shipping services operating outstandingly well all around the globe. 

Choose the Best Candle Packaging Technique

Box agency is proficient in the manufacturing of custom candle boxes holding custom candle labels. It is not just a job rather it’s an art to make your product appealing and attractive for your valuable consumers. The selection of superlative candle packaging ideas is vital to keep them safe during the transition phase. The packaging should be perfect instead of being very tight or very loose. If you are selling candles, then you must choose a box, which does not allow the candles to shake while passing through the shipping procedures.

Ship Candles employing the Cost-Effective Shipping Services

Shipping of candles is quite effortless in America utilizing the exceptional services of distinct shipping companies including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. 

USPS provides you with the best amenities for the economical shipping of small or lightweight products. The rates are usually decided depending on the weight of your candles going under the shipping procedures. 

FedEx provides the fastest shipping services while making your candles blow at their eventual station in quite a short period. This rapid as well as damage-free shipping service makes the companies and the purchaser enjoy stupendous peace of mind without facing any loss. 

UPS is quite similar to USPS in its operational procedures. They offer a flat rate to make your candles ship anywhere in America. 

All the courier companies have distinct candle shipping charges; therefore, it is significant to compare the rates and choose the best one fulfilling your corporate necessities. 

What things affect the Cost of Candle Shipping?

Selling candles through online platforms significantly augments the customer base and company sales. Therefore, the selection of an affordable shipping option carries prodigious significance to make the customers gratified with the exquisite packaging of candles. To choose the outstanding shipping services, you should be aware of the following factors affecting the candle shipping cost:

Shipping Distance 

The shipping-providing companies usually divide the country into distinct geographical zones. Therefore, the shipping fees usually depend upon the number of zones the product moves to reach its ultimate destination. The more the distance, the more would be the shipping cost. 

Package Weight

Most shipping companies also consider the size and weight of the package an important factor to decide the shipping cost of the candle. Big packages carry more space while small packages like candles carry less weight as well as space. 

Express Delivery 

Companies offering fast delivery procedures usually charge a fee for their stupendous candle shipping services. 

Nature of Product 

Shipping costs vary with the nature of the product being delivered using the services of a courier company. Fragile products usually demand more shipping costs than small products having zero or no breakage risk while being delivered to their eventual station. 

Considering all the above key factors, it is noteworthy to choose the best candle shipping company, which not only fits your company budget but also fulfills the customer’s requirements. 

Candles Packaging with Custom Candle Labels

Once you are done with the selection of a shipping company suitable to your budget and product specifications, it is high time to order custom candle labels at Box agency and get them attached to your package. The shipping company also generates a tracking number for every single product, specifically designed for the convenience of customers trying to reach their striking candle packages as soon as possible. 


Candles offer comfort, calmness, and tranquility to their surroundings. Rather than being an object, it’s a feeling that creates an ideal ambiance for the people operating in its surroundings. Packaging and shipping of candles call for great attention as well as care. Preeminent packaging material has increased the demand for candles in the past few years. 

Box agency has developed its expertise in manufacturing remarkable candle packages at quite an affordable price. We propose designs enhancing the allure and functionality of your candles. The material used in the creation of boxes provides great support to your candles. Our packaging keeps the candles safe from breakage as well as from the harshness of severe weather conditions. Thus, if you are searching for any box manufacturing company offering great designs without making your candles go out of budget, then contact us over our web platform as Box agency believes in just the best of everything. 

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