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Custom mylar bags offer you a lightweight way of packaging edibles and effectively present them on retail store or online platforms. These mylar bags are produced using polyester film to store the freshness of products. Box Agency allows you to get the mylar bags customized to fulfill the product requirements. You can also define the print size while getting the company name and brand logos on the bag.

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What Makes Us Different from Others?

Order your custom mylar bags in any size or shape at quite an affordable price. We hold a fast turnaround time for manufacturing custom mylar bags using high-quality polyester film.

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Customize the Mylar Bags with your Own Logo

Custom-printed mylar bags are considered important to keep your food products safe. We offer an amazing range of customization options to ensure the protection of contents from environmental factors. We manufacture mylar bags using specific types of polyester film to boost the durability of packaging and make it resistant to dust, damage, tear, or moisture. You can get your brand logo printed on the Mylar bag utilising our brilliant packaging services.

Browse our Various Mylar Bags Options

Box Agency offers various mylar bag options to help you choose what is best suitable for the protection of your premium product. The brand could select the packaging material, printing method, and finishing technique to get mylar bags in fast turnaround time.

Comes with Different Closure Facilities

Box Agency holds the following variety of closing mechanisms to keep the mylar bags airtight and secure:

  •     Zipper:

Our zipper bags are smell-proof and allow the consumers to reseal the products to keep the contents fresh for the next time.

  •     Straight Edge:

The straight edges make the bag tamper-proof while ensuring the security of products inside the packaging. 

  •     Child Resistant:

The custom-printed mylar bags are child-resistant and do not allow the kids to spoil the product for further use.

Technical Specs

Now let's Explore the Material, Finishes, Add-ons and Printing options available for Mylar bags.






Kraft material is an eco-friendly option designed with a plastic or foil coating inside the packaging to keep the custom mylar bags heat and smell-proof.


The material is used to enhance the shelf life of products and make them resistant to ultraviolet radiation with the use of aluminum foil coating inside the custom mylar bags.

Clear Pet

Such type of mylar bag packaging holds a clear window to view the product contents closed inside the packaging.


The metalized material gives a rainbow effect on the custom mylar bags to give printing a glossy finish and a luxurious outlook.


CMYK is the four-color printing procedure that offers bright and vibrant color results on custom mylar bags.


Pantone is known for maintaining the sophistication of mylar bag packaging with accurate printing of medical boxes.

Tear Notch

A laser-lined tear notch is applied above the opening of the mylar bag to make the packaging tamper-proof and safe.


The addition of gusset helps the bags stand nicely on the retail store shelves and become attention-grabbing for online platforms.

Rounded Corners

Box Agency allows you to choose between rectangular and rounded corners to make your brand stand distinctive in the market.

Hang Hole

The hang hole allows the custom mylar bags to become available for shelf display as well as for hanging on the peg boards.


Matte finishing offers a non-shiny understated surface to augment the integrity and sophistication of mylar bags.


Give your custom mylar bags a shiny outlook, exceptional vibrance of colors, and a reflective surface with our gloss finish.


Enhance your mylar bag packaging with our silky-smooth lustrous satin finish, specifically designed to catch customers’ attention.

Soft Touch

Soft touch offers a premium sensory experience to the target audience with our amazing blend of matte polish and a velvety texture.

Mylar Bag Designs that We Delivered!

Check out how the custom mylar bags are enhancing the brand reputation of various e-commerce startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about boxes. Can’t find the answer ? Please chat to our friendly team

What is the minimum order quantity for custom mylar bags?

The minimum order quantity for mylar bags is 100 units. For more information, contact our support team.

Can I order a sample of mylar bag?

Yes, we offer samples for the approval of the desired design in custom mylar bags to proceed with further production.

How can I decrease my pricing per unit?

Order bulk packaging to decrease the per-unit cost. Big orders are offered great discounts for the production of custom mylar bags.


What is your Turnaround and shipping time?

Once we are done with the production of custom mylar bags, the standard shipping time ranges between 2 to 3 working days after dispatch from our side.


What Methods of Printing are available?

The brands could choose from CMYK and Pantone printing techniques to make their custom mylar bags attractive to target customers.


Can I print barcodes or QR codes on custom Mylar Bags?

Yes, you can get your barcodes or QR codes printed on custom mylars bags to make your products tamper-proof in the market.