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How to Order a Packaging Sample in 3 Steps ?

Your sample kit is a few taps away. Order Your Packaging Samples in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Choose Box Style & Material

To start with your packaging sample, please determine which box style and material you want for your custom box sample.

2. Submit Artwork or Dieline

If you have an artwork or a dieline you want us to work with, please share it with our design support.

3. Get Your Sample Ready

Place your order, and we will start manufacturing your sample. We will deliver your sample kit in 2 - 3 days.


Random Sample

Printed sample without finishes

A randomly printed and cut sample is commonly used to test the layout and printing of artwork. A great choice for small- to medium-scale projects.

USD 35$ Order yours now

Plain Sample

Blank, unprinted sample

Test boxes with no print are commonly used to test box structures, size, and material. Suitable for small companies and brands looking for affordable packaging solutions.

USD 70$ Order yours now

Pre-production Sample

Printed sample using production facilities

The final evaluation of a production-quality printed sample is commonly performed before mass production begins. Ideal for medium-sized to large-scale projects.

USD 150$ Order yours now

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about boxes. Can’t find the answer ? Please chat to our friendly team

What materials do you offer for sample kits?

We offer cardboard, kraft stock, and corrugated cardboard to manufacture your sample product. The selection of material totally depends on the customer's choice.

Is it possible to order more than one sample box?

Yes. If you require more than one sample box, please let us know.

Is the material used in the sample boxes recycled?

Yes. All of our packaging solutions are made from eco-friendly materials, which can be recycled after use.

How do plain, structural, and pre production samples differ?

A plain sample is just your desired box style with no printing, while a structural sample kit helps you test out the layout and printing, while a pre production sample is an exact box you'll get in bulk production.

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