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Shipping Boxes

Take your shipping experience to a higher level with our personalized corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. These eco-friendly shipping boxes are specifically tailored to your brand and its identity while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Our custom shipping boxes guarantee maximum security for goods due to their strong thickness. Deliver your goods in style and confidence with our shipping boxes.

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What Makes Us Different from Others?

We take pride in our quality and processes, and we are confident that our custom packaging can make a difference for your shipping product.

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Fully Customizable
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Make your Deliveries Protected in Custom Shipping Boxes

Keep your deliveries safe with our custom shipping boxes—an affordable way to ship bulky items. These sturdy boxes are made of strong, sustainable cardboard and use a B-flute, which offers a thickness of 1/8″ and is capable of handling up to 30 lbs.

They’re easy to assemble, fully customizable in size, and can be printed inside and out. Your products will arrive in top condition, and you can make every delivery special by customizing the details.

Choose simplicity and reliability to ensure your packages reach customers intact and leave a lasting impression upon arrival.

Inspiring Shipping Box Designs

We offer shipping boxes in various styles and designs that align with all industries and are custom-made to your product needs. Explore our extensive range of inspiring shipping box designs.

Candle Shipping Boxes

Ship your candles confidently using our custom shipping candle boxes made with durable corrugated material for extra strength and protection.

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Kraft Shipping Boxes

Store and ship your products in kraft shipping boxes made with kraft corrugated material to keep them durable and ready...

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Holographic Boxes

Make your Own 3D looking Holographic Boxes made with cardboard and corrugated material which can also be use for shipping...

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Book Style Rigid Boxes

Book-shaped box that provides durable protection for books

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Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are known for their durability and resistance. They are mainly used for storing and transporting your products from...

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Tuck Top Boxes

Tuck-top boxes hold two small flaps that fold to the inside of the packaging with an overlapping tuck to close...

MOQ Starts from 100 Units Order yours now

Add Custom Inserts & Dividers for Extra Durability

Enhance the durability and elevate the unboxing experience with our custom inserts and dividers for cardboard boxes. 

You can customize these additions to fit your unique needs, ensuring your products remain safe during transport. 

With custom inserts and dividers, you not only safeguard your items but also create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. 

Choose durability and thoughtful packaging to leave a lasting impression on every delivery.

We Made Sturdy & Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is strong and eco-friendly, giving your products a luxurious feel. It protects them well and sets high expectations. When customers open the box, it’s not just about the product; it’s a special experience. 

The sturdy materials make it feel fancy and high-quality, making your brand stand out. Pack your items so that they’re both safe and make your customers feel like they’re getting something really special.

Technical Specs

Here is an overview of the standard customizations that can be made to shipping boxes.




Finishing Options

Natural Brown Kraft

A blend of new & recycled paper pulp with a dual-sided coating for excellent printing results.

White Cardboard

A white custom cardboard box features a matte finish. It works well with any color, particularly bright, vibrant shades.


The standard four-color printing process ensures vibrant & accurate color representation on your rigid boxes.


Offers precise color matching for your printed boxes, allowing you to maintain brand consistency with accuracy & sophistication.


Embossing introduces a tactile element to elevate designs on printed boxes, creating raised textures for enhanced visual & sensory appeal.


A method that impresses designs into printed box surfaces, adding a subtle & refined texture for an elevated perceivable experience.

Hot Foil Stamping

This process applies a thin layer of metallic foil to surfaces, creating a luxurious & eye-catching element on printed materials.

UV Printing

Utilizing ultraviolet light to cure inks instantly, print vibrant colors & sharp details for a high-quality finish on rigid boxes.


A smooth, non-reflective surface offers a muted appearance to printed boxes.


It features a shiny and reflective surface, enhancing vibrancy & creating a polished, eye-catching appearance on printed boxes.

Soft Touch

Mimicking a matte appearance but with a velvety feel, adding a luxurious dimension to printed boxes for a premium sensory experience.

Shipping Packaging that We Delivered!

Experience premium brand experiences with other eCommerce brands' shipping boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about boxes. Can’t find the answer ? Please chat to our friendly team

What is the minimum order quantity for shipping boxes?

We offer No Minimum Order Quantity. You can order as many boxes as you need.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Our shipping time takes 2-4 business days once your production is over.

Can you provide a shipping box dieline for me?

Yes. Once you have placed an order or requested a sample, you can ask for your custom die-line.

How long does production take?

Production generally takes 7-8 business days. We also handle rush orders.

I want to upload my artwork. What file formats do you accept?

Please submit your file in various formats given below: PDF, PSD, AI, and TIFF.

How can I decrease my pricing per unit?

You can lower your price by ordering in bulk or wholesale. Price often gets determined by the add-ons, inserts, finishing options, and materials you choose to go with.