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Custom Apparel Packaging & Clothing Boxes

Give your apparel pairs an unforgettable packaging experience with custom clothing boxes. We create personalized apparel packaging for all type of apparel garments including hats, t-shirts and shoes. When it comes to apparel packaging we create eco friendly packaging for clothes for your clothing brand.

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Browse our Various Custom Apparel Packaging Options

Looking for some different box style for your cloth packaging? Try our various range if apparel box packaging made for your gift type.


Customised Clothing Boxes with your own Designs

Custom cloth packaging has taken the shape of a necessity in the fashion industry. Custom design cloth boxes are not just containers rather they enhance the brand image in the competitive market and offer customers a memorable unboxing expedition. We create the perfect packaging considering the accurate product dimensions to efficiently protect the apparel and make the customers trust the brand quality. Box Agency emphasizes providing a luxury apparel packaging experience to its clients with an incredible combination of creativity and exquisiteness in every box

Eco-Friendly Apparel Packaging for your Apparel

The rapid changes in environmental conditions have forced mankind to focus on sustainable packaging. It is not just necessary but a necessity to flourish in the contemporary fashion world. Brands are now demanding eco-friendly packaging for clothing to be kind to the planet. They are not just providing great quality garments but are also convinced to introduce environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. The brands emphasizing the use of organic raw materials in packaging are building a strong relationship with their consumers. So, order from us and grab the maximum market share with biodegradable packaging.

High-Quality Corrugated Material for Shipping your Clothes

To ship your clothes and apparel items properly we use high quality corrugated material for your clothing boxes. These boxes are durable enough to ship your clothing items safely without any damage and tear issues. Our Packaging Team assure that we made tailored made packaging for your apparel collection to keep shipping cost low and affordable.  Let us know about your custom apparel packaging needs and our team make sure they fulfill your hopes.

Technical Specs

Now let's Explore the Material, Finishes and Printing options available for Apparel Packaging




Natural Brown Kraft

Kraft (brown) is best for eco friendly and eco conscious customers. You can use this material if you like eco friendly packaging, however the colors and logos appear dull on the boxes.


Cardstock is considered an ideal option for lightweight apparel and it comes in 3 different thickness options including 14 pt. Cardstock, 18 pt. cardstock & 24 pt. cardstock.


Our classic corrugated cardboard boxes are durable and lightweight due to their flute design. It offers sturdy support while making a bold statement and impactful visual appeal


The standard four-color printing process ensures vibrant & accurate color representation on your rigid boxes.


Offers precise color matching for your printed boxes, allowing you to maintain brand consistency with accuracy & sophistication.


A smooth, non-reflective surface offers a muted appearance to printed boxes.


It features a shiny and reflective surface, enhancing vibrancy & creating a polished, eye-catching appearance on printed boxes.

Soft Touch

Mimicking a matte appearance but with a velvety feel, adding a luxurious dimension to printed boxes for a premium sensory experience.

Hot Foil Stamping

The Hot Foil Stamping process applies a thin layer of metallic foil to surfaces, creating a luxurious & eye-catching element on printed materials.

Apparel Box Packaging Designs that We Delivered!

Below are some of the Apparel Box Designs that we have delivered previously to our loyal clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about boxes. Can’t find the answer ? Please chat to our friendly team

What is the minimum order quantity of apparel packaging?

Just like any other type of packaging, We offer a lower MOQ of 100 Boxes for our apparel packaging as well. Meanwhile you yourself can decide on the number of units that you require.

What printing options do you offer for the apparel packaging?

The Box Agency offers CMYK, holographic, color printing, and special color printing for apparel packaging. However, any other particular type of printing services can also be provided on demand.

How do I decrease my pricing per unit?

You can decrease your price per unit by increasing the number of units per order. It means that bulk ordering can really prove to be a pocket-friendly packaging option for you.

Can I request a sample box before placing an order?

Yes, you can request a sample box before placing the actual order. However, we will charge you for this sample.

Do you provide free shipping for my order?

Yes, we do offer free shipping on all our orders regardless of the order size and the delivery destination.

Do I have to provide the design?

Providing a design is not a compulsion for our packaging. Yes, if you have your own design available, we can easily incorporate that into your packaging. If not, even then our expert designers can do the need full for you.