How to Properly Measure the Dimensions of a Box?

How to Properly Measure the Dimensions of a Box?

Custom packaging has compelled small and large-scale business owners to perfectly measure the box size. It requires time as well as knowledge to understand the product dimensions. Keen attention to every minute detail increases the product’s brilliance and earns a competitive advantage for the company putting their best efforts to present an exceptional invention for the convenience of potential customers.

 Many distinct elements are influencing the box dimensions. The list of these factors includes the manufacturing overheads and the shipping costs. The accurate measurement of the box lowers the prospects of damage and becomes cost-efficient for companies striving to make a mark in the advanced market with their stupendous product and its packaging.

So, let’s start reading the following article as it will work as a guide to make the accurate measurement of the custom boxes:

Why are Box Measurements Important?

Boxes are measured based on three important factors: width, length, and height. The measurement of the box carries a lot of importance for brands wishing to achieve customer satisfaction.  

  • Accurate measurement is important to save time and reduce production costs. 
  • The perfect size also lessens the need for cushioning effect as the box shape itself takes care of the product’s fragility. 
  • The product packaging offers great protection while lowering the carbon footprint, eventually contributing towards the security of nature and living beings. 
  • Finding the best size also reduces the delivery charges. 

Measure the 3 Dimensions of the Box

To create a brilliant product package, it is vital to accurately measure the three dimensions of the box. This could be done using a simple measuring tape or rule while rounding the figure to the nearest inch. Special attention should be paid to the calculation of internal dimensions, including the length, width, and height/depth of the box. 

Every company has its own set of criteria but the measurements are usually recorded in the following order:

  • L x W x H (Length x Width x Height)
  • L x W x D (Length x Width x Depth)

While looking from the top of the box:

  • Length is the longest side.
  • Width is the shorter side.
  • Height or depth is the perpendicular distance between the length and width.  

After choosing the best packaging idea for your product, you should measure the exact dimensions before starting the actual manufacturing process. 

Don’t Forget the Exterior & Interior of the Box

You are making a big mistake if you are just focussing on the outside measurements of the box. The calculations performed using this technique do not consider the thickness of the packaging materials which ultimately create problems during the phase of product adjustment inside the box. Corrugated cardboard boxes are quite popular in the contemporary packaging industry. But if not handled correctly, then their thickness could become the reason for complications.

Therefore, it is important to make the right measurements from the inner sides to make the box the perfect product size. 

Calculate the Volume of the Box

To design an ideal box, it is vital to calculate the volume of the box to make the product fit flawlessly inside the package. This not only makes your package production process smooth but also makes your mind clear about the storage and shipping procedures. 

The calculation of volume also gives you an idea about the need for packaging materials, cost-efficiency, and structural construction. You can now easily measure the volume of the box using the following formula:

Volume = Length x Width x Height 

The answer would be in cubic centimeters to avoid any type of confusion. 

Ready to Get Accurate Size Boxes for your Product

Now you must have learned the art of measuring the length, width, and height of your package along with the dimensions of the box. So, step ahead, and calculate the volume while keeping a closer check on the internal sides of the box. This process could be applied to any shape, design, or size of the packaging product. 

To get accurate boxes for your product, get in touch with Box Agency as we are always available to help our customers. We specialize in the production of custom-printed packages with brilliantly measured box size. 

Stephan Benjamin

Stephan Benjamin, is a packaging expert at Box Agency, specializes in crafting durable solutions. With extensive experience in manufacturing, he knows the perfect materials for various packaging needs. He shares his expertise on all things packaging-related through his articles.

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