7 Innovative Mailer Box Design Ideas

7 Innovative Mailer Box Design Ideas

 Are you still searching for an incredible mailer box designs to make your business drive upon the roads of progression? You can now order e-commerce packaging for the enhancement of your product’s appearance, resultantly giving worthy buyers a brilliant unboxing experience.

Before digging into different mailer box design ideas, let us first understand what a mailer box is and what is the reason for its demand in e-commerce packaging.

What are Mailer Boxes?

Mailer boxes are small and flat boxes used for the delivery of goods globally. These boxes offer a creative space for the addition of visual appeal and durable packaging ensures the security of its contents at quite an affordable production cost.

These custom mailer boxes come in all shapes and sizes but are typically provided with double-sided walls/flaps for easy access to the product. They are quite effortless to assemble without the need for any sort of adhesive material. They also provide a lot of room for visual customization facilitating its applicability in a broad range of industries.

Mailer boxes are the first choice for e-commerce brands and subscription box companies as it is a great way to acquire new customers. Mailer boxes comes in various box styles, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Standard Mailer Boxes

Standard Mailer Boxes

The Standard Mailer Box is the most common type of mailer box holding wings/flaps on the three sides of the box to close it perfectly. The wings tightly fit into the box ensuring the safety of products inside it.

2. Mailer Boxes with Adhesive Strip

Mailer Boxes with Adhesive Strip

The Mailer Box with Adhesive Strip holds an adhesive strip on the front wing of the box for impeccable sealing. A tape is used to cover the adhesive seal, which is immensely effortless to open but once unwrapped will not allow the box to return to its novel condition.

3. Mailer Boxes without wings

Mailer Boxes without wings

The Mailer Box without wings does not have wings on the two sides and just has a flap on the front side to close the lid of the box. This flap fits into the box and makes the package ready for delivery to the customer’s destination.

7 Innovative Mailer Box Design Ideas

Creative mailer box designs allow the brands to customize the package according to their need, customer preferences, and product specifications. This promotes a brilliant brand image and helps the product gain customers’ attention in quite an economical manner. You can utilize these mailer packaging designs to pack your ecommerce product and ship it to your customers. These custom packaging ideas best for small business.

Following are the 7 innovative mailer box design ideas easily available in the market for the comfort of brands putting their best efforts to increase the customer base and market share:

1. Custom Mailer Box With Inserts

Custom Mailer Box With Inserts

Custom inserts not only make the product stand out but also provide a high level of protection. This is ideal to adopt if you are shipping fragile items that demand extra security from any sort of damage.  This is perfectly used in the cosmetic industry as it improves the aesthetic feel of the product. Custom Mailer box with inserts are best if you have more than one item in the box.

2. Custom Exterior Stickers

Custom Exterior Stickers

Another way to impress customers is the use of exceptionally designed stickers or custom labels. This is not only important to seal the box but also to provide information regarding the brand and its product. Pasting stickers on the exterior side efficiently amps up the box outlook, making it striking for potential customers.

3. Minimal Packaging Design

Minimal Packaging Design

Minimal packaging is the best alternative for small-scale online setups, wishing to say more about their product quality and less about the other items attached to the product. Such types of mailer boxes carry minimal design with less information printed on their outer surface. The entire strategy is to keep the customer curious about the product.

4. Kraft Mailer Boxes

Kraft Mailer Boxes

Kraft mailer boxes are specifically designed for customers wishing to have eco-friendly packaging. These boxes are manufactured from naturally extracted raw materials, without adding any sort of chemicals. These are customizable and could be given any shape, design, or color combination. Kraft mailer boxes are quite a simple and neat way of promoting your brand economically.

5. Custom Printing inside the Mailer Box

Custom Printing inside the Box

Custom printing inside the mailer box is something new customers could experience through your product. It makes your brand stand differently. This type of printing is usually done on the inner side of the upper flap. It is an exceptional way of making your product information reach customers. The inner bottom side could also be used to print any information, brand name, or logo to achieve the marketing goals.

6. Incredible Unboxing Experience

Incredible Unboxing Experience

Mailer boxes give customers an amazing unboxing experience in quite a cost-effective manner. The mailer boxes are designed to make buyers pass through the feeling of opening a gift. This little packaging idea can do wonders for the brands striving to achieve success with their specific product. Mailer boxes not only make your products presentable but also provide security, durability, and tear resistance while passing through the shipment process.

7. Branded Logo on Mailer Boxes

Branded Logo on Mailer Boxes

Logos printed on the custom mailer boxes could exceptionally perform the duties of brand marketing. It is an excellent way of increasing your brand reach to the target audience. Logo printing could make people interested in your product and eventually augment corporate sales without paying anything extra for brand marketing.

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