Difference between Mailer and Shipping Boxes?

Difference between Mailer and Shipping Boxes?

Have you ever thought about the difference between a mailer box and a shipping box? Are you still confused about the selection of the box best for the delivery of your product? then you don’t have to worry now in this article, we’re going to discuss how to select which box is best for your product packaging.

How to choose the right Packaging?

Online shopping has increased the demand for packaging over the past few years. You can now purchase anything while sitting in the comfort of your home at quite an affordable price. However, the decision of packaging material is quite difficult for companies trying to make their customers satisfied through their stupendous product quality.

Small-scale businesses all around the globe put their best efforts to make their unique products reach customers at their respective destinations safely. Nevertheless, is it possible without the selection of a box? Not at all. There are two types of boxes commonly used for the fulfillment of shipment procedures including the mailer box and shipping box. Let us discuss this topic in detail to understand the distinction between the two types of delivery boxes.

What are Mailer Boxes?

custom mailer boxes

Mailer boxes are designed at quite an optimum size for the products. These are the boxes somewhat smaller in size, making the entire packaging solution cost-efficient. To keep the things inside the mailer box, we do not require any sort of adhesive material. Companies choose from distinct mailer box design ideas to get the best one holding durability, security, and tear-resistance.

The online platform could blindly trust the abilities of these boxes, designed brilliantly to ship thin and tiny goods. Custom mailer boxes also hold built-in cushioning keeping the product safe from any sort of damage during the delivery process.

Uses of the Boxes:

Mailers are a great option for the shipping of small, flat, and lightweight products. These are mostly utilized in the shipping of:

  • Books
  • Envelopes
  • Frames
  • Apparel
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Wallets etc.

Most brands prefer mailers for the packaging of their product but eventually need a box for the fulfillment of their branding commitments.

How are Mailers Boxes are cost-efficient?

  • Mailers require less amount of paper and glue than a box.
  • Low shipping charges apply on the delivery of a mailer box.
  • These are quite sustainable in nature.
  • Mailers are quite fast to operate. One just has to open it to put the product inside and secure the box by peeling the already given sealing strip.
  • There is no need for extra adhesive material.
  • Mailers demand less storage space in the company warehouse.

What are shipping boxes?

custom shipping boxes

Shipping boxes are relatively large in size and are used for the shipping of distinct types of products all around the globe. These are highly secure boxes utilized for the shipping of heavy as well as fragile products. Shippers are available in distinct sizes. Custom shipping boxes are designed to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Shippers hold robustness, durability, and toughness. They are perfect to carry heavyweight articles. It is a reliable option for the shipping of multiple products at one time. Corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the many kinds of shipping boxes that are not just reusable but also eco-friendly for the convenience of people striving to dispose of them in a resourceful manner.

Where these Boxes are Used?

Shipping boxes are extensively versatile in their nature and offer outstanding customer experience. These are used to carry sensitive and fragile items including:

  • Glassware
  • Candles
  • Household appliances
  • Electronics etc.

They handle the products very carefully to deliver them to the customers flawlessly. Kraft paper or bubble wrap is usually required to add the necessary cushioning effect to the shipping box for the safe delivery of products to the destination.

Customization of shippers could be done to highlight the brand name. Shipping boxes are highly recyclable, significantly augmenting their efficiency. You can order the manufacturing of shippers according to the appropriate size and design of your items going toward the transit phase. These boxes are frequently used to pack and ship candles easily.

What are the Importance of these Boxes?

  • These boxes offer customers an amazing unboxing experience.
  • These are necessary for the delivery of premium goods with the addition of extra cushioning effects.
  • Brands could order the box customization for the accomplishment of their product requirements.
  • It provides safety and protection to fragile items.
  • It offers the feeling of a present if delivered with custom thank you cards.
  • The box could carry multiple products of distinct sizes in one package.
  • Safe for the delivery of heavy products.
  •  Shipping companies demand delivery charges according to the shape and size of the box.

How to choose between Mailer and Shipping Boxes?

Company size, budget, and product specifications are the three important factors considered when choosing between the two types of boxes. You could ask your team the following important questions before ordering the manufacturing of the mailer or shipper:

  • What is the level of protection you require for your products? Shippers are quite safe and provide a high level of security for various types of products.
  • What is your respective product size or weight? Mailers are usually best for the thin and lightweight items but shippers provide safety to the heavy as well as fragile products.
  •  How much shipping cost could you afford? More shipping costs apply to the shipper than the mailer boxes because they are big in size and used for the shipping of heavy items.
  • What is the budget of your company? Shipping cost augments the product’s overall manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is important to keep it in mind while choosing the box.

Where to Get the Mailer and Shipping Boxes?

You can get the Mailer and shipping boxes from any custom packaging company on which you can trust. However, at Box agency helps you provide the Custom Packaging Boxes according to the needs of your product. We are proficient in the manufacturing of all types of customized boxes including mailer boxes and shipping boxes.

Therefore, hurry up and get in touch with our team of skilled professionals for achieving guidance in the selection of the box best for your product.

Stephan Benjamin

Stephan Benjamin, is a packaging expert at Box Agency, specializes in crafting durable solutions. With extensive experience in manufacturing, he knows the perfect materials for various packaging needs. He shares his expertise on all things packaging-related through his articles.

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