Top 8 Packaging Companies in Canada

Top 8 Packaging Companies in Canada

Are you feeling difficulty to find a reliable packaging company in Canada? If Yes, then in this post we’re going to explore the top 8 successful packaging companies in canada.

The Canada packaging market size was valued at 54.2 billion units in 2022. The market is anticipated to register a CAGR of more than 2% during 2022-2027.

When I talk about the packaging industry in canada there are too many packaging manufacturers that are out there who provide these packaging services. But it’s hard to find the reliable one which can full fill your required packaging needs.

That’s why we have concluded the top 9 canadian packaging companies for your which you can try confidently.

Now let’s dive in into the companies!

List of 8 Canadian Packaging Companies

I have compiled the List of top 8 packaging giants in canada and also explain their speciality and why they are different from their competitors. In that way you will better understand why you go with that company for your packaging needs.

1. The Packaging Company

the packaging company

The Packaging Company (TPC) is a trusted source of creative packaging & custom shipping supplies for eCommerce businesses established in 2016. Their headquarter situated in Toronto, Ontario. They have employs between 51-200 individuals, as mentioned on their LinkedIn profile.

They specialize in producing a wide range of products, including bags, mailers, boxes, tapes, bubble sheets, wraps, envelopes, and a diverse array of eco-friendly packaging options.

They are committed to assisting businesses, especially online retailers, by providing both stock and custom packaging solutions. Their custom packaging options are designed to enhance online visibility, cater to the specific requirements of target customers, and offer an exceptional unboxing experience.

2. Soopak


SoOpak is a reliable online packaging provider, founded in 2014 and their headquarters situated in Mississauga, Ontario. They are focused on the delivery of high-quality packaging with less than 25 – 50 employees.

Customers could effortlessly order custom packaging through their online platform. They are highly responsive and give liveliness to the client’s brand. They take customer information and design customized packaging to turn their product attention-grabbing for the target customers.

3. Box Agency

Box Agency

Box Agency offers reliability as well as innovation through its outstanding packaging ideas. They have designed their packaging solutions to meet unique brand needs. Their custom boxes are providing nothing less than perfection.

Box Agency holds a talented team of designers to boost the customer experience. They offer durable packaging to ensure product protection during the shipment process.

The innovative styles make the customers celebrate packaging even before the product. Box Agency focuses on the client’s success with the enhancement of customer sales and company revenues.

4. Great Little Box Company


The Great Little Box Company covers all aspects of the custom packaging production process. They focus on the delivery of quality from designing and printing to application. They offer designs to enhance the overall product appearance.

The company Established in 1982 with only 5000 sqft. plant. They have their headquarters located in Richmond, British Columbia. They hold 322 employees, offering creative packaging to fulfill the client’s product needs.

Their modern designs help the companies earn a competitive advantage on retail store shelves. The Great Little Box Company earned an annual revenue of $63 million in 2022.

5. Logos-pack


Logos-pack company is producing safe and flexible printed packaging materials including pouches, bags, and films. They are providing packaging to food as well as non-food companies. They are proficient in fulfilling the customer needs

Logos-pack was established in 2004. They hold around 380 employees, most of them having 10 years of experience in the packaging industry. The company has its headquarters in Hong Kong with two factories operating in Huizhou Guangdong and Tianjin.

Logos-pack offers creative packaging solutions that keep the products safe from environmental hazards. Customized printing makes the product attractive to potential customers and gives it a classy feel, eventually augmenting product sales. The Logos-pack packaging company earned an annual revenue of $13.2 million in 2022.

6. Magenta Depot

Magenta Depot

Magenta Depot company is a group of family and friends, focusing on the manufacturing of custom-printed packaging solutions. They are using innovative technologies to reduce the custom box production cost.

Magenta Depot started its custom-printed packaging journey over 20 years ago in Toronto, Vaughan. They hold less than 500 employees in the Magenta group to deliver premium packaging at affordable prices.

They have an online platform allowing the clients to design their product packaging, place an online order and keep track of the packaging order processing from any corner of the world. They hold around 2 weeks’ turnaround time that makes the client’s products reach fast to the market.

7. Packwire


Packwire is a distinguished packaging company that prioritizes your brand’s narrative, ensuring it remains the focal point on their custom printed packaging boxes. They cater to both small and large-scale businesses, aiming to convey the brand’s essence through vibrant product packaging.

It’s one of the leading packaging companies that started its productive journey in 2016 with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The company have almost 11 – 50 employees while offering nothing less than the best for the client’s business.

Packwire’s expertise lies in transforming your vision into reality. They offer customization on premium packaging materials, ensuring your business stands out. Their services encompass a variety of packaging solutions, including folding boxes, rigid boxes, mailer boxes, and shipping boxes. They emphasize the use of recycled boards, with all their boards being made with at least 50% recycled material and being 100% recyclable. All their custom boxes are manufactured in North America, with some produced in the USA and others in Canada.

8. Fancy Pak


Fancy Pak caters to all packaging requirements. They are a one-stop shop offering affordable packaging solutions. Their customized boxes add value to the product with premium packaging materials. They operate to earn customer satisfaction through high-quality product packaging.

Fancy Pak packaging company has been operating efficiently for over 50 years with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The company employs around 20 individuals to give innovative packaging designs.

Fancy Pak packaging company gives special attention to minute details. They offer premium services for the production of bags, boxes, gift wraps, jewelry, and food packaging. 

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