Top 9 Packaging Companies in UK

Top 9 Packaging Companies in UK

Are you searching for top packaging companies in the UK? If yes, then this blog will help you to find the trusted packaging company for your packaging needs.. The UK packaging market size was around 110 billion in 2022 and it is expected to grow more than 1% during 2022 – 2027.

There are various Top packaging companies offering premium packaging services in the UK market. The availability of multiple alternatives has created a lot of confusion for clients to find a reputable packaging manufacture for their needs. To make the selection process easy for you, we have come up with a list of 9 Successful packaging companies in the UK which are tested and trusted for your new order.

List of 9 UK Packaging Companies

Following is the list of 9 UK packaging companies to help you choose the best for your business propagation:

1. Amcor PLC


Amcor PLC is the leading packaging company in the UK, focused on the enhancement of customer engagement. They believe in the provision of brilliant quality, creativity, and service. Amcor holds an expert team of packaging professionals to understand customer needs and boost the company’s sales volume. They offer specialized packaging for beverages, health care, pet care, personal care, home care, food, and technical equipment.

Amcor started its progressive journey of producing flexible packaging, special containers, and rigid cartons in 1860. The company was founded by Samuel Ramsden and has its headquarters located in Victoria, Australia. Amcor employs around 41000 people to give consistent results and surpass client’s expectations.

2. Clifton Packaging Group Ltd.

Clifton Packaging Group Ltd.

Clifton Packaging Group caters to the flexible packaging needs of small as well as large corporations. They allow you to order the ready-made packaging or get it customized to fulfill your brand requirements. The company holds expertise in manufacturing printed packaging just as good as plain packaging. It is a one-stop shop specifically for companies belonging to the food sector.

The company started its operation in 1981 to impress customers with its innovative designs, high-quality packaging materials, premium printing, and efficient production. The headquarters are located in Leicester, United Kingdom. Clifton Packaging Group is a family-owned business, employing around 132 people to offer the best packaging solutions in the competitive market.

3. Box Agency

Box Agency

Box Agency is an innovative packaging manufacturer focused on the fulfillment of brand requirements and product needs. The company designs attractive packaging solutions to make the product earn customer’s attention on retail store shelves and online platforms. The packaging solutions are not just attractive but also ensure incredible product protection during tough shipping procedures.

Box Agency holds no compromise on the quality of packaging materials. The clients could now order the packaging customization to earn a competitive advantage in the target market. Brands could now choose any shape, size, or style to enhance their product’s outlook, enjoy a great market reputation, and eventually maximize the company’s profits.

4. Silgan Holdings Inc.

Silgan Holdings provides the world’s best sustainable packaging for consumer products. They specialize in providing innovative packaging solutions for food, healthcare, beauty, pet care, and beverages. The company works in collaboration with its clients to proficiently introduce its premium products to the target audience. Silgan Holdings operates on cost-effective ways of earning a competitive advantage while maximizing the market share.

Silgan Holding was established in 1987 to simply be the best in everything they do. The company headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. They employ around 15600 employees in 113 manufacturing plants operating in the four distinct continents of the world. They are one of the leading suppliers of rigid packaging solutions for consumer goods.

5. Logos-pack

Logos-pack is one of the largest suppliers of flexible packaging as it’s sturdy, convenient affordable, and innovative. The packaging is designed using sustainable raw materials to make the customers enjoy eco-friendliness and recyclability. The company is making great contributions toward the progression of the packaging industry. They specialize in the production of bags, foils, pouches, boxes, and containers.

Logos-pack started its progressive journey in 2004 to facilitate the food, cosmetics, and health sectors. The company headquarters are located in Huizhou City in Guangdong province to meet the packaging needs of the competitive market. The company has two factories situated in Huizhou Guangdong and Tianjin with 23 sales and marketing professionals to deliver the best flexible packaging solutions.

6. FFP Packaging Solutions

FFP packaging solutions offer flexible packaging to make the brands enjoy a great reputation and enhanced company sales volume. They have introduced innovative solutions to attract customers through printed and plain packaging or laminations. The company has designed sustainable solutions to achieve cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction. FFP Packaging knows how to execute the whole process starting from concept, design, to ultimate production.

The company was established in 1967 as a leading supplier of sustainable flexible packaging. The headquarters are located in Northampton, United Kingdom to deliver great customer value. The company employs around 8660 people at 38 distinct locations on 16 continents.  

7. National Flexible

national flexible

National Flexible is one of the leading distributors of polypropylene, different laminations, and plastic films in the UK. The company delivers what it promises to make the customers understand the difference between flexible films. They are operating to be the best supplier in the competitive food, confectionery, snack, bakery, and pharmaceutical market with the production of high-quality flexible packaging.

National Flexible was established in 1993 to fulfill the consumer’s flexible packaging requirements. The company headquarters are located in Birkenshaw, England. They employ 54 professionals to introduce superlative practices in the UK’s packaging industry.

8. abc packaging 

abc packaging

abc packaging manufactures custom retail packaging for a wide range of products including frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and toys. They hold exceptional expertise to cost-effectively protect the products with flexible packaging and eco-friendly packaging. The company has introduced innovative packaging solutions in the food, healthcare, cosmetics, and manufacturing sectors.

abc packaging was established in 1940 by an engineer, Mr. Neal to automate the packaging industry. The company headquarters are located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States. They also allow you to get your packaging customized as per your product needs to impress the target audience.

9. GWP Packaging

gwp packaging

GWP Packaging is one of the UK’s leading packaging designers and manufacturers. They specialize in the production of corrugated cardboard boxes, protective cases, and form inserts for the storage of distinct products. The company operates on accurate product dimensions to efficiently display the equipment on the retail store shelves. They offer durable packaging to safely deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep.

GWP Packaging was established in 1990 as a cardboard manufacturing company. The company has its headquarters located in Cricklade, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. They employ around 43 employees to make the communication process easy between the customers and the business. 

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