Different Types of Box Inserts in Packaging

Different Types of Box Inserts in Packaging

There’s no doubt that custom packaging add a extra layer in your product to enhance their appearance. However there is much more things in custom packaging to consider to make the packaging durable and provide memorable unboxing experience. And that’s what the Box insert do in the packaging.

Basically, Inserts are the different packaging materials placed inside the customized boxes to give products additional security and offer customers an impressive look. However, there are two types of inserts commonly used in the packaging industry:

  • ·       Box inserts
  • Promotional inserts

Let’s have a look at the basic difference between the two distinct categories:

What are Box Inserts?

box inserts

Box inserts are usually generated from plastic, foam, or cardboard to keep the products in their defined place with customized packages. These are used to ensure product protection. Such types of inserts provide safety to the product during the shipment process.

Box inserts are extremely beneficial to keep multiple products in their position within the package. They also reduce the chances of damage, eventually earning customer satisfaction.

Product manufacturing companies having great capital investments are also using printed box inserts for the accomplishment of marketing purposes. These could be designed in any shape, pattern, or size.

Different Types of Box Inserts

Following are the different types of box inserts which you can use in your packaging:

1. Cardboard Inserts

Cardboard inserts

Cardboard inserts provide additional safety to the products placed inside the custom-printed packages. These are used for the protection of fragile products. This also increases the product presentation while holding a striking display.

These are usually quite durable, tear-resistant, and clutch a rigid structure according to the shape and size of the product. Most of the e-commerce platforms are using these inserts to make their products embrace branded presence. These are available in distinct qualities depending upon the client’s budget.

The use of box inserts inside the product packaging augments brand recognition and offers customers an outstanding unboxing experience.

2. Plastic/Molded Pulp inserts

Plastic inserts are usually found inside the cookie packaging. Bakeries and food-oriented companies are using molded pulp or plastic inserts to keep the shape of the packaged products. It is quite a cost-efficient technique, becoming a great source of support for the products.

The eggs are usually shifted to retail stores in plastic packaging or molded pulp cartons. The molded pulp packaging carries a rough texture. The durability and convenience of plastic inserts have also increased its usage in the cosmetic industry. The molded pulp inserts could be given a luxurious touch by applying distinct types of coatings or UV varnishes. Some packaging companies also offer lamination facilities to give the product packages a premium outlook.

3. Foam inserts

insert foam packaging

Foam is one of the light forms of inserts used to keep the product safe from scratches. It is quite light in weight, making it affordable for large as well as small enterprises. Form inserts also reduce the shipment cost. These are custom fits generated to provide outstanding protection.

The soft surface of the form keeps the product cushioned from all the different sides. You can effortlessly find the form inserts inside the tool kits, glassware, and electronic equipment boxes to make them stay in their customized space.

4. Corrugated Dividers

Corrugated Dividers

Corrugated inserts, also called dividers, are used within the packages carrying multiple products within a single box. The use of dividers keeps the products separated as well as organized. Corrugated cardboard is used in the manufacturing of rims that not only avoid damage but also allow the products to stand till they reach their destination. It does not allow product bending or breakage.

Benefits of Custom Box Inserts

Following is the list of benefits the brand could enjoy using the custom box inserts:

  • These inserts provide superior security to the packaged products.
  • Make the shipment process stress free for the companies delivering the products to worthy customers.
  • Allow the brand to pack multiple products in one custom-printed box.
  • These are quite affordable and elevate the brand’s image in quite a cost-efficient manner.
  • These inserts could be customized according to the client’s requirements.
  • Make the customers enjoy an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Promotional Inserts

Promotional inserts are used to make a connection with potential customers. It is not something used to hold products rather it’s a way of conveying your brand’s mission or message to worthy consumers. The use of such packaging materials is an amazing marketing strategy used to augment the brand image.

Promotional inserts are also employed as a great way to prove the product’s genuineness. The use of this addon option in packaging incredibly advertises the products while making the customers know about the product’s information efficiently.

Types of Promotional Inserts

Following are the different types of promotional inserts:

1. Discount cards

discount cards

Discount cards are an exceptional way of keeping the customer attached to your brand. It earns customer loyalty while rewarding them for their repetitive purchases. This also allows you to let them know about your other products, ultimately augmenting corporate sales and company profits.

Discount cards allow you to make customers fascinated by your offerings. Cardboard is mostly used in the production of discount cards to show gratitude.

2. Thank-you cards

Thank you cards

The use of thank-you cards makes the customers aware of their value to your brand. Hand-written thank-you notes are a great way of adding a personalized touch to the product. It’s the beginning of a reliable connection between the brand and worthy consumers.

The modern-era companies are heavily using the combination of thank-you cards and foil stamping to impress potential customers and make them satisfied with the quality of product packaging. The feeling of getting appreciation through thank-you cards is an incredible way of giving customers an amazing unboxing experience.

Thank-you cards support your brand in the construction of customer loyalty and create a positive impact on the buyers over little expenditure.

Benefits of Promotional Inserts

Following is the list of benefits the brand could enjoy using the promotional inserts:

  • These are great to communicate with potential customers, making them aware of the distinct products offered by the brand.
  • These are used as a great marketing tool, eventually intensifying the brand’s credibility.
  • Make the customers know about the company’s vision.
  • Show the authenticity of products.
  • It is an incredible way of promoting new products, which are soon going to get launched in the market.
  • The right use of these inserts helps you increase your customer base.

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