What is Corrugated Cardboard?

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

Do you have any idea about the exploitation of corrugated cardboard in America? This specific type of cardboard is used in the packaging of over 90% of products in North America. Cardboard packaging played an intensive role in the delivery of distinct products during the tough COVID times.

The cardboard packaging technique buoyed many small-scale businesses and made their paths smooth toward high revenues, great sales, and corporate prosperity. Custom box packaging agencies use cardboard sheets not only as a container but also as a great protection for fragile products demanding an extra cushioning effect.

History of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard came into existence about 200 years ago. It is an exciting journey making folks interested in its creation. So, let us start with a very basic question, “When did corrugated cardboard start its expedition as an incredibly different packaging material?” It has been working as a great pillar of support for a very long time. This packaging material is quite strong as well as cost-efficient for startups striving to save their custom-made products from any sort of destruction.

When Corrugated Containers Came into Existence?

In 1871, Malcolm McLean thought about the creation of outstanding packaging material for saving corporate costs and product specifications. Therefore, he created a box utilizing corrugated cardboard that could be effortlessly packed and pushed for the fulfillment of customer requirements. This revolution improved the whole shipment procedure all around the globe in an exceedingly fast and effective manner. Further research in addition to the customer responses forced the industrialists to think about the formation of unique padding and flutes offering strength to the package and remarkably delivering valuable articles.

Distinct types of Corrugated Boxes

Custom corrugated boxes hold astounding durability in their design. It is a multi-layered sheet having an outer lining, an inner lining, and a fluted sheet in between the two linings for giving strength to the whole package being utilized as a shipment material for various types of goods.

Fluting and liners are integrated into different ways to generate diverse board types:

Single Face Board

A single face board consists of only two layers including a liner and a fluted layer. It is not as sturdy as other types of corrugated boxes but could be regarded as an outstanding packaging material offering great support and extra cushioning to the products going to pass through the transit phase.

Single Wall Board

Single wallboard is another type of cardboard holding three layers comprising an inner lining, a fluted layer, and an outer lining. This is used as a great industrial carton for the shipment of manufactured goods throughout the world.

Double Wall Board

This type of cardboard holds two layers of corrugated sheets for the provision of extreme durability. Both the sheets are glued tightly to offer strength to the industrial cartons carrying custom-made goods.

Triple Wall Board

The triple wallboard is the strongest of all. It is the sturdiest type, which could even be employed in place of wooden crates. Three layers of fluted lining make it strong enough for the shipping of chemical materials and items that holds careful handling caution.

Thickness of Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Corrugated cardboard boxes are given distinct categories concerning their thickness. A, B, C, E, or F flute cardboard boxes are designed depending on the thickness of the sheets being utilized in the box manufacturing.

A Flute Cardboard

This type of cardboard holds great strength as well as cushioning for the protection of fragile products. A Flute Cardboard is also employed as an excellent provider of structural grip and cushioning to the shipments passing through the transit phase.

B Flute Cardboard

Type B holds great resistance against push and punctures. It has an excellent printing exterior. This is usually employed for creating partitions between the packages. It promises additional stability and strength to the packages.

C Flute Cardboard

C Type Flute cardboard grips great crush resistance with a stupendous printing surface. These sheets are usually employed for the protection of glasses, food items, and furniture shipping toward their destination. These are slightly taller in size, making them hold superb cushioning for the products going to pass through the delivery process.

E Flute Cardboard

E Type flute boxes are usually employed in the manufacturing of pizza containers, cosmetic boxes, and glass protectors. It holds a thin structure making it graceful to pass through the printing press mechanism.

 F Flute Cardboard

These are quite thin constructed sheets, supporting the manufacturing of stiff packages with less fiber. F flute cardboard boxes are quite effortless to fold and are used for the packaging of different consumer goods including shoes and jewelry. 

How to choose the appropriate Box for shipping?

Corrugated cardboard is available in distinct sizes and types in the market. Thus, it is important to choose the style of your needs from all the available different options. The boxes made from this material hold the power of carrying the telescopes as well as the candles. It is best known for providing safety to the giant as well as small fragile products.

If you are not sure about the dimensions of the package suitable for the safety of your product, then you should consult a packaging expert that will help you make the right choice fulfilling the customer’s needs and shipment procedure. Expert opinion will help you make your product reach securely to your consumers and turn your business to prosper at quite a fast pace.


Today, the shipment of every single good is being done with the utilization of corrugated cardboard. You could effortlessly recognize this type of packaging material at grocery stores, restaurants, or even in the comfort of our homes. It is an excellent packaging material employed to ship products in far spaces. Cost-efficiency benefits will become effortless to achieve if you choose the size appropriate for your products.

So, do not waste your valuable time on the selection of cardboard types suitable for the shape of your product. Hire Box Agency as we, being the expert in packaging, know what is best for augmenting your company sales and making the customers satisfied with your product specifications. 

Stephan Benjamin

Stephan Benjamin, is a packaging expert at Box Agency, specializes in crafting durable solutions. With extensive experience in manufacturing, he knows the perfect materials for various packaging needs. He shares his expertise on all things packaging-related through his articles.