What is Holographic Foil Printing?

What is Holographic Foil Printing?

Holographic foil printing is the production of a decorative packaging material while passing it through the creative printing process. It is a 2D foil paper giving its consumers an exquisite experience of 3D illustration upon having a collision with the light. It is also called the rainbow printing technique, making the users enjoy the revolutionary impression.

holographic foils

Such a modern and trendy approach holds the essence of time and attracts potential buyers toward its elegance. Specific foils are used to get holographic printing in the typographic field. The printing is usually performed on paper or cardboard to make customers attentive toward the important components of the design.

Traditionally, the base holds the silver color and is transformed to gold or any other color depending upon the demand of customers. The customization of foil paper is quite an expensive matter. Credit/debit cards and passports are the most common examples, which makes them distinctive and inimitable.

Production Process of Holographic Foil

The production process of holographic foil is quite similar to metallic foil manufacturing but varies significantly. This holds an embossed pattern depicting the different color shades upon being exposed to light. The laser technique is employed to get the perfect imprint on the foil paper.

The lighting effect provides these embossed images with a three-dimensional effect instead of being two-dimensional.

How do the packaging companies use Holographic foil in the boxes?

Holographic foil printing is extensively used in the production of labels for packages. This is a high-quality material adding individuality to ordinary packaging material. The holographic packaging idea is unique and classy to make your customers impressed with the product boxes.

The use of custom holographic boxes increases brand recognition. The exquisite feel of the holographic films compels the buyers to touch and experience the exclusive nature, eventually augmenting the company’s sales.

Holographic printing is immensely used in the following industries:

  • The pharmaceutical industry necessitates great care in the manufacturing of elements, produced to save the public’s life. These are matters of life or death; therefore, holographic printing is used to keep the products safe from replication. They are utilized by the leading pharmaceutical companies of the world as a symbol of authenticity.
  • Universities all around the globe are using holographic foil to depict the originality of their documents and certificates
  • Holographic printing used in cardstock paper which are widely used in packaging industry to make the packaging more better.
  •  Electronics manufacturing companies also use holographic printing to show the originality of warranty cards.
  • International cosmetic brands are employing this type of foil paper on the packaging of their products to show the originality of their inventions.


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Ø  What is holographic packaging?

The type of packaging used to add creativity and uniqueness to the product box with its three-dimensional representation instead of a two-dimensional effect when come into contact with the light is called holographic packaging.

Ø  What is holographic paper and board?

The holographic foil printing could be obtained on paper as well as on cardboard. Both of these materials are used in the manufacturing of product packages. The paper or board are being embossed with the image, design, or logo to attract worthy customers and augment the company sales. The use of the holographic foil packaging technique also depicts the originality of products.

Ø  Can you print on holographic materials?

Yes, the holographic materials are produced and finished with a metallic coat to create a protective seal, making it ready to pass through the printing process.

Ø  Is holographic material only available in silver?

No, the traditional base of holographic material is silver in color but it could be turned to gold or any other color depending upon the customer’s demands. The color transformation procedure makes it quite an expensive material, adding exclusivity to the package.

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