Why are Cardboard Boxes Expensive for Packaging in 2023?

Why are Cardboard Boxes Expensive for Packaging in 2023?

The cost of cardboard material has increased by four times in the last few years. Most of the e-commerce businesses are using cardboard for the packaging of their premium products. Cardboard is manufactured using cellulose as an important raw material.

The price of cellulose has witnessed a prominent upsurge after the pandemic, making the e-commerce sector suffer from manufacturers to retailers to customers. The cardboard cartons used in the packaging of goods have become quite expensive and almost unaffordable for the small-scale setups aspiring to make profits through the concept of cost-efficiency.

To know more, let’s discuss the reasons responsible for expensive cardboard boxes.

Why is Cardboard Cost Increasing?

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Cardboard prices have increased by 60% to 70% as compared to the year 2021. This situation is eventually augmenting the custom packaging cost, which has become quite challenging for all the discrete sectors attached to it. But what are the reasons responsible for the dramatic increase in cardboard prices?

The pandemic has immensely disturbed the raw material supply. This ultimately increased the prices of paper-based packaging materials. All cellulose-based products including tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels have become quite expensive after COVID-19.

Online retailers could not avoid this adverse situation with the use of only one strategy rather they need to follow a set of methods to minimize the impact of expensive cardboard boxes.  

How to Reduce the Cost of Cardboard (4 Effective Tips)

Most of the businesses are using cardboard for the marketing and packaging of distinct products. Therefore, it is necessary to keep its cost low to fulfill the customer’s requirements and market preferences. To minimize the cost of cardboard, we have come up with the following effective tips:

Specify your Product Requirements

Most of the brands use large or unusual shapes for the packaging of their products, which leads to the wastage of inflated raw materials. Therefore, it is recommended to identify your product needs and be very specific. Make an accurate measurement of the box dimensions to efficiently fulfill the brand requirements without wasting any material. The precision keeps the product safe, reduce shipping cost, and makes the product packaging quite affordable for startups.

Innovative yet Minimalistic Design

Brands could make their packaging interactive with the use of an innovative shape, brand message, logo, color contrast, or artwork design. You could be unique while being simple to achieve cost-efficiency. The luxurious design with the use of various finishing methods augments the packaging production cost. Therefore, it is recommended to properly plan your product, and keep it simple as well as attractive to satisfy the product needs.

Calculate your Packaging Alternatives

Brands should closely examine all the available options before choosing the best one for their product. You should select the packaging material based on your product needs and packaging budget. The custom packaging cost comparison will let you know the most affordable alternative to fulfill the brand requirements. This strategy incredibly promotes your brand and proficiently enhances customer sales.

Reuse the Durable Packaging

Brands should not waste the sturdy product packaging after a single use, rather they should repetitively use it. The large cartons should be reused for the delivery of products to the retail stores. The use of eco-friendly materials also allows the brand to take advantage of its recycling factor for the production of new product packaging. This would save great production costs and materials wastage.  


Cardboard material is used in every industry including food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and many others. The examination of packaging options could estimate the probable cost of cardboard material. The price comparison would assist you in choosing the best packaging supplier.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips, make the right choice, and save the cardboard box production cost while choosing the best packaging method.  

Also you can try these alternative to cardboard boxes in-case if you have a low budget and you want to go with other packaging options.

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