Why is Cereal Packaged in Cardboard?

Why is Cereal Packaged in Cardboard?

Have you ever wondered why cereals are always packaged in cardboard? Cardboard is recyclable, which has become the major reason for its popularity in cereal packaging industries. It lowers the environmental burden, leading to the reduction of air pollution. The recycled cardboard packaging is quite cost-efficient, keeping the packaging budget affordable for small as well as large-scale companies.

According to a recent survey, it was found that recyclable cereal cardboard boxes had a bad impact on health. However, the rumor was later clarified with a study done in Germany that cardboard is safe for protecting the freshness of cereals while the inks and the oils used in its packaging perform the role of impurities. To avoid the bad impact of these chemical-oriented elements, companies could use thick-walled cardboard to keep the cereal safe. However, the packaging cost increases with the increase in thickness.  

Reasons why Cereals are packaged in Cardboard Boxes

I must say that before you look for some incredible cereal packaging ideas, you should first understand why cardboard boxes are the best way to pack cereals. Let’s have a look at the following reasons highlighting the importance of cardboard packaging:

Easy to Print on Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard packaging provides a great printing surface and allows the brands to select custom cereal boxes suitable to their budget. Cereal manufacturing companies could effortlessly get their logo and artwork printed on the custom boxes. Font size plays an important role in making the packaging attractive to potential customers.

Cardboard boxes could be printed using a digital printer. However, it becomes a costly affair for the startups. Offset printing is an economical approach for giving your cereal boxes an eye-catching appearance. Choose the printing suitable for the cardboard thickness as it prevents the inks from flowing into the cereals.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly

Cardboard packaging for cereals is produced from recycled materials, making it eco-friendly, safe, and economical for the customers and the manufacturers. Such boxes are quite lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable.

The recycled cardboard material keeps the cereal safe from moisture, dirt, dust, and severe climatic conditions. These boxes are safe, flat, and durable, efficiently designed to store cereals. These boxes are effortless to open, making cereals the best option for breakfast. The cardboard packaging is biodegradable and compostable, perfect for keeping the environment protected from pollution.

Customizable into any Size

Cardboard packaging could be designed in any shape or size depending upon your requirement. Packaging companies are offering an assortment of cereal packaging to design what you actually think is best for your product. Brands could also bring their design to the table to achieve outstanding packaging for cereal. You can also get ready-made cereal boxes to hurriedly start the packaging process.

The cardboard packaging allows you to choose the design and colors, fulfilling your product needs. Cardboard packaging boxes could hold dry as well as wet cereals. Therefore, choose as per your requirements. You could also take guidance from packaging designers to make your custom cereal boxes attractive to worthy customers.

Cheaper than the regular boxes

You can easily find cereal boxes in the market. These are quite affordable and easy to obtain without placing a custom order. Cereal cardboard boxes are accessible in distinct sizes and shapes. These boxes are also used to store different food items including bars, granola, snacks, etc.

The cardboard remarkably protects the contents placed inside it. It is quite an economical way of packaging products. Regular boxes are quite expensive and demand a great amount of money to convert into premium packaging for cereals. Cardboard material effortlessly passes through all the steps of the packaging process to give cereal-producing companies a competitive edge.

Final Thoughts

Customers are fascinated by the cereal packaged in cardboard boxes. Therefore, we have come up with a variety of cereal packaging ideas. Box Agency understands your cereal packaging needs and allows the companies to give their packaging ideologies a realistic touch.

We manufacture custom cereal boxes that not only make the cereal noticeable on the shelves of the retail store or on online platforms but also keep it safe during the tough transit procedure.

Contact us today and let your customers enjoy the benefits of cardboard packaging. 

Cecilia Greenberg

Cecilia Greenberg is a seasoned writer and box designs expert at Box Agency, a leading packaging company dedicated to delivering exceptional custom boxes and retail packaging solutions. She helps businesses by understanding packaging concepts in a simple and clear way.

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