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The Box Agency lets you transport your products safely with its custom shipping boxes. Designed carefully with durability and resistance to external harms in mind, these boxes can even withstand rough and tough handling during transit.

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Every company needs different quantities of customized boxes depending upon their company size and target market demand. Therefore, our company holds no MOQ policy. You can get the quantity you want by filling out our requirement form. Our packaging designers will work on your packaging requirement and gives you the best quotation suitable to your budget whether you buy a single or bulk custom boxes .

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    Making Your Shipping Journey Easier Than Ever Before with Our Shipping Boxes

    The shipping boxes by the Box Agency are designed to make your shipping journey easier than ever before. With sturdy construction and durable materials, they provide reliable protection for your items during transit. These versatile boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different shipping needs. Hence, ensuring a secure fit for your products. Equipped with easy-to-use closures, they streamline the packaging process. Thus, saving you time and effort. Whether you are shipping small items or bulky goods, our shipping boxes are up to the task. Experience hassle-free shipping with our high-quality and dependable packaging solutions.

    Swift and Secure Shipping- Unleash the Power of Our Reliable Shipping Boxes

    Our shipping boxes are carefully designed keeping in mind the entire transit journey. We make sure that our boxes are durable enough to withstand all external conditions. No matter how long it takes for the package to reach from origin to the destination. Our custom boxes for shipping will keep your products intact. Moreover, these boxes are also very easy to handle. Additionally, you can even add special instructions to these boxes. This is how you can clearly convey to the handler to handle your package with care. Hence, you can always be sure that your package will be delivered to its destination safely and in one piece.

    Custom Shipping Boxes- Elevate Your Brand’s Delivery Experience

    Generally, the custom shipping boxes at the Box Agency are crafted from cardboard material. It is very easy to shape and style this material according to your particular needs. Moreover, it is also very convenient to print custom designs on this packaging material. In this way, you can enjoy a smooth shipping experience with our customized shipping boxes. Furthermore, you can also add your brand’s logo or tagline to our boxes. In this way, you can add a touch of personalization to your custom shipping boxes.

    Efficiency Meets Reliability- Discover the Ultimate Shipping Box Solutions

    The Box Agency’s packaging solutions for shipment are equally good for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, if you are a startup company and looking to fulfill your shipping needs, do consider our packaging solutions. Order our custom shipping boxes for small businesses at highly affordable rates. However, we would clearly like to state that while giving leverage to our customers on our prices, we never compromise on our quality. Hence, you can rely on us for your shipping needs and enjoy the most cost-effective packaging solutions.

    Seamless Shipping Solutions- Partner with the Box Agency for Unmatched Packaging Excellence 

    Get in touch with the Box Agency if you want to master the art of shipping. Our custom shipping box not only looks trendy and stylish. But it is also very easy to scan during custom clearance. Moreover, even if the authorities need to investigate the product further by opening the package, our custom shipping box even facilitates that. Because it is very easy to pack and unpack. Therefore, with our packaging solutions, you can be sure to enjoy a very seamless shipping experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know about boxes. Can’t find the answer ? Please chat to our friendly team

    Why cannot I order certain size shipping boxes?

    Because of our heavy reliance on machinery for packaging production, there are certain dimensions that we can simply not entertain. Moreover, unreasonably large sized shipping boxes are also very expensive because of which we do not manufacture them.

    How do you fold a shipping box?

    To fold a shipping box correctly, you simply need to follow the lines on the dieline of the box. You will easily get to know about the cuts and folds of the shipping box. Hence, you can conveniently fold it the right way.

    Do you offer protective inner packaging, void fill, and packing tape?

    Yes, we do offer all of these packaging services upon special requests.

    Why are large shipping boxes expensive to ship?

    The large shipping boxes are expensive to ship since they occupy a much larger volume. Hence, we need appropriate transportation means to safely deliver them. This adds a handsome amount to their overall shipping costs.

    How much is the cost of printing plates?

    At the Box Agency, we do not charge our customers anything for the printing plates.