How Much Does Custom Packaging Cost?

How Much Does Custom Packaging Cost?

Being a product-oriented company, you might be having an idea about the production cost. But have you ever thought about how much custom packaging costs? To get a better understanding, let’s just start with the significance of packaging in a product’s success.

Packaging is an important part of the product and interacts with the buyer even before the product itself. It holds the power of making or breaking the brand’s reputation. Custom packaging boosts brand recognition and impresses the target customers with an incredible unboxing experience.

The custom box’s cost could become a bit difficult to handle if you remain unaware of the factors affecting it. The packaging cost highly depends on the client’s budget. He is the one who decides what suits his company budget within the specified timeline.

Depends Upon the Product Design

First of all, the packaging design depends upon the type of product you are putting inside the custom box. The selection would be made according to the product type, which will ultimately estimate the custom box cost. The product specification concerning the industry will also make you understand the packaging standards of the competitive market. This would eventually help you choose the product design according to the market trends to gain maximum market share.

The cost also depends upon the type of business you are running for your progression. Custom box packaging is different for e-commerce brands and retail companies. This will resultantly help to choose the type of packaging you want to offer to the potential customers for enhancing the product demand.

The custom box cost also changes with the type of product packaging design. Custom packaging inserts have also become the priority of brands striving to earn customer satisfaction. Custom rigid boxes require great capital and time to be perfect while kraft paper or paperboard needs less amount of money to become remarkable. 

The production of rigid boxes is nothing less than a great work of labor. They demand high-priced paper wraps to make the customized boxes attractive. The manufacturing process also requires thick chipboard to make the custom-printed rigid boxes fascinating for potential customers. They are also expensive to ship as they need more space than small flexible product packaging. 

Once you are done with these choices, it’s time to pick the right packaging material and finishing procedures. This will make your product attractive to the target customers while being within your packaging budget.

Select the Right Packaging Material and Finish

Packaging materials and finishing cost is the primary outlay you will estimate while going for custom box packaging. The assessment will make you choose the right packaging materials and printing/finishing procedures suitable for your budget. There are a variety of packaging materials available in the market but you have to choose the brilliant combination of cost-efficiency and premium quality.

While choosing the appropriate material, you should know the difference between “what you think is best” and “what your business needs”. The simple formula is why it needs an original when the copy could give the same result.  Once you are done with the decision of packaging materials, decide the volume of required custom boxes.

Let’s explore the packaging materials and finishing alternatives to estimate their costs:


Cost-efficiency and durability make corrugated cardboard a perfect choice for custom box packaging. Different types of corrugated flutes are added to paperboard, offering the packaging material the required rigidity. Flutes are wavy lines, used to enhance the strength and sturdiness of the cardboard packaging. They are quite effortless to arrange, making the corrugated cardboard a premium packaging material.

Corrugated packaging boxes are most commonly used by online brands because they take less time to produce while being within the packaging budget. This is an environmentally friendly alternative. This works perfectly for small and large products. It gives support to heavy-weight products and offers protection to small fragile items.

Corrugated cardboard allows you to go for various finishing alternatives, including:


Kraft paper is a cost-efficient packaging material for products not demanding great support or premium protection. It is quite light in weight with a natural brown texture and organic feel. This is sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.


Gloss varnishing is a great option for brands aspiring to achieve production efficacy. It is quite an amazing choice to increase product sales and decrease the per-unit manufacturing cost. Varnishing is usually used for small and medium-sized corrugated boxes.  


The application of laminated coatings gives your printed box design an outstanding safety. It is a little expensive and gives your packaging ultimate protection. Lamination could keep your corrugated box artwork secured from any type of damage or moisture.

Wax Coatings

Wax coatings hold a distinctive quality of being water or grease resistant. These are quite affordable and usually used in the packaging of food or medical products.

Complexity of the Custom Design & Artwork

The packaging design or inspiring artwork has now become the necessity of custom packaging boxes. It gives an eye-catching appearance to the custom rigid boxes, eventually increasing the business revenues. This is an expensive approach and could boost the packaging cost. The artwork design is difficult to manage on its own so it’s better to hire a custom box manufacturing company offering all the required amenities.

The packaging companies providing customized designing and artwork services could turn your product packaging project cost-efficient. They also help you save time while enhancing the brand reputation and market share.

The custom packaging cost usually increases with the complexity of artwork and box design. The selection of appropriate packaging materials with the right printing/finishing methods augments the attractive feel of the custom packaging. Hence, choose a packaging company that could take care of all the factors enhancing the product boxes.

Calculate Printing Costs

If you are already done with all the above steps, let’s calculate the printing costs while comparing the distinct printing methods. There are following three major types of printing methods for custom packaging boxes:

Digital Printing

Digital printing is quite cost-efficient and usually used for small as well as simple box designs. In this type of printing, digital machines apply designs directly on the surface of the product packaging box.

Offset Printing

In offset printing, a printing plate is used in combination with the rubber cylinder to print an amazing design on the packaging material. This process transforms the box shiny with a high-resolution design. It’s a bit expensive.  

Flexographic Printing

The type of printing in which the designs are printed directly on the box using a metallic plate is called flexographic printing. This is a costly printing method that allows you to use only one color.

Find a Reliable Custom Packaging Supplier

To make your product packaging process successful, it is vital to search for a reliable packaging supplier. They are the ones who could make the packaging process quite effortless for you. The packaging company will offer you distinct packaging ideas suitable for your product. They offer you the best services imperative to highlight your product specs.

The packaging supplier offers you a bundle of services including artwork design and custom box manufacturing. This turns the whole packaging procedure quite cost-efficient.

Therefore, the selection of appropriate material and design is your responsibility, while quality control becomes the duty of the packaging company. This will eventually generate attractive customized packaging to fulfill customer needs and market preferences.

Calculating the Cost of Shipping and Logistics

The custom packaging cost is incomplete without estimating the shipping cost. Logistics holds great importance in making your custom boxes move from one place to another.

Therefore, select an appropriate packaging design as the shape and dimensions of the box play a significant role in the shipping cost calculation. You could also outsource the logistics depending upon the packaging production and the product launch in the competitive market.

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