Different Types of Packaging Materials

Different Types of Packaging Materials

Are you still searching for the package suitable for your custom-built products? In the current era of technological advancements, packaging has become very important for small-scale businesses wishing to be prosperous with the augmentation of customer base and market share. However, is it as easy as we are conferring?

Let us discuss distinct types of packaging materials to make you understand their impact on company sales and client contentment.

Selection of Appropriate Package Fulfilling the Product Needs

Everything has to get started at a certain stage of existence. A few years ago, the role of packaging was not as vigorous as it is today for manufacturers jumping into the competitive space with their innovative products. Quality was just associated with the industrial goods going to be consumed by the customer.

Nonetheless, it is not the same anymore. Today, e-commerce businesses focus on custom packaging, executed by employing different types of packaging materials to make the product look great and appealing to the shopper.

Packaging usually varies with the type of product going to pass through the shipping phase. Customers invest in your product to get it safely at their respective doorstep. Therefore, being the owner of an online setup, it is your responsibility to choose the perfect box for the protection of your products.

The size of the package usually depends upon the shape and dimensions of the product. The trend of custom packaging boxes has increased for the products sold through online platforms. Hence, it is essential to recognize the right material to satisfy your product as well as the customer’s requirements.

Different Types of Packaging Materials:

Different type of packaging materials are required according to the product packaging and shipping needs. Following are mentioned different types of packaging materials to better understand their usage as per the product specifications:

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is quite a popular packaging technique engaged all around the globe for the protection of distinct products. This is mostly used for the packaging and shipping of candles. Custom corrugated packaging comprises a fluted sheet inserted between two layers of cardboard. Such material provides extra cushioning and keeps the product safe from any sort of damage.

Corrugated cardboard is quite lightweight, effortless to carry, and a cost-efficient material used by small-scale businesses. It holds quite a long list of benefits including the protection of fragile products. This layered packaging methodology does not just promise stability but rather offers an immense amount of insulation, stiffness, and strength to the precious products.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is undoubtedly the supplest material, offering sustainability to the products going towards the phase of transit. This is usually manufactured from wood pulp, giving it quite a natural and earthy feel.

This is a recyclable material used to fulfill decorative as well as protection purposes. Custom Kraft boxes are designed for the packaging and shipping of candles worldwide. Kraft paper is also used to create the cushioning effect for the safety of products.



Cardstock is the most basic product used to accomplish packaging drives. It is a thick paper usually used for scrapbooks and creative packaging. Cardstock not only offers an ornamental element but also amps up the entire package with its professional finish. This is used to create custom boxes for the packaging and shipping purposes.

The thickness of cardstock should be selected depending on the size of the product going under the shipment procedure. It provides appropriate protection and extra cushioning while delivering the product to the end user. Cardstock is quite economical and brings cost efficiency for startups aspiring to achieve success.

Bux Boards


Bux Board is one of the superior materials available in the current marketplace. The product, also known as chipboard or greyboard, is typically generated from recycled paper resources. Bux Board box is affordable, durable, high on toughness level, and firm while passing through the shipment process. This is an incredibly cost-efficient option existing for the manufacturer planning for bulk shipping. Bux board also clutches a professional feel and branded appearance to make your package attractive for buyers. The thickness of the package also provides apt cushioning making the product reach safely to its destination.

Plant Based Packaging

Plant-based packaging is an eco-friendly option for customers searching for sustainable alternatives. This type of packaging is generated from renewable plant materials that are biodegradable and compostable in nature. There are distinct types of plant-based packaging, some of which are mentioned below:

1.   Bioplastics


Bioplastics are nature-friendly substances generated from cornstarch, sugarcane or beets, etc. They are biodegradable and compostable, making it perfect for food wrapping. Cutlery and straws are also produced utilizing their exceptional qualities. This type of packaging material is lightweight, airtight, and flexible to use.

2.   Bagasse


Bagasse is composed of the squashy residual left after the extraction of juice from the sugarcane stalks. This is usually employed in the creation of dishing bowls, containers, trays, and plates. This is an oil-resistant, microwave-safe, and easy-to-freeze packaging material, available effortlessly in the market.

3.   Mushroom Packaging

mushroom packaging

Mushroom packaging is an economical compostable option available in the market as a great substitute for cartons and cardboard boxes. It is quite easy to produce from mycelium. Mushroom packaging is offered in different sizes and shapes to protect products demanding extra cushioning.

4.   Seaweed Packaging

seaweed packaging

Seaweed packaging is made of edible seaweed. It is very cheap and exceptional to create striking custom boxes. This is a biodegradable and compostable option existing in the market holding a remarkably versatile nature.

5.   Peanut Packaging

peanut packaging

Peanut packaging is generated from natural sources that are safe for our environment and easily recyclable. It grips the outstanding quality of not being stuck to its surroundings. These packages are used for the protection of products without causing any damage to animals and plants. This offers excellent cushioning in distinct eye-catching colors.  Plant-based packaging keeps a great check on ecological health as it operates quite opposite to traditional packaging procedures.

Final Thoughts

Considering all the different types of packaging materials, now you are in a position to best decide about the packaging of your products suitable to your budget and the product needs. The availability of distinct options has opened ways of success and profitability for online businesses, striving to make their unique creations seize the market share and maximum customer base.

So, hurry up and get in touch with Custom Box agency, as we are the ones who recognize your business needs in quite an incredible manner. We are proficient in the manufacturing of different types of packages, ready to create a positive impact on your products in the competitive market. Thus, do not waste your time as well as money on ordinary platforms, and employ our services to become prosperous with just a call, message, or e-mail.

Cecilia Greenberg

Cecilia Greenberg is a seasoned writer and box designs expert at Box Agency, a leading packaging company dedicated to delivering exceptional custom boxes and retail packaging solutions. She helps businesses by understanding packaging concepts in a simple and clear way.