What is Foil Stamping and how it works in Packaging?

What is Foil Stamping and how it works in Packaging?

Foil stamping is one of the most popular techniques used in the packaging industry to increase brand recognition. It is an exceptional process of pressurizing the metallic foil on the package using distinct heating methods to create incredible designs, logos, or images. The practice generates visual effects to impress the target audience and boost the company’s sales.

Foils are available in different color tones, but most brands prefer to use gold and silver hues. The foil paper is applied according to the client’s preferences and the market’s demands. Clients usually go with the trends while choosing between matte and glossy textures.

History of Hot Foil Stamping

The process of stamping started its journey from Egypt. Back then, gold was transformed into tremendously thin films for the creation of an amazing luster.  This entire procedure was quite a laborious job, therefore only executed for the writing of exclusive royal and religious records.

During the 19th century, the innovation of the printing press revolutionized the whole system. The conventional era of foil stamping started employing perfectly crafted dies to achieve distinctive educational purposes. Book covers were usually made using the hot foil stamping process to turn their outlook inspiring.

Process of Foil Stamping

The current world is using aluminum foils to produce significant designs on paper or cardboard. Different heating procedures are involved to achieve a shiny appearance that looks elegant and classy. These are usually engaged in the creation of wedding cards, greeting cards, business cards, party invites, and packages for special events. These are best to make your package attractive while being on the store shelf. This process offers a stunning appearance to the custom boxes, efficiently grabbing the customer’s attention.

Different Types of Foil Stamping

Following different types of foils are available in the market to give your package an outstanding finish and great visual effects:

Metallic Foil

The market usually works on this type of foil stamping. Metallic foil gives your images, design, text, or logo a shiny look and an amazing metallic texture. It is a great opportunity for brands motivated to enhance their package with a luxurious touch.

Pigment Foil

Pigment foil lacks a shimmering outlook. It is quite similar to metallic foil but obtainable in a wide variety of colors and finishes. These could be ordered in two types of finishes: matte and glossy. This not only makes the package striking but also smooth and luxurious in its nature.

Holographic Foil

Holographic foil is a two-dimensional foil paper that gives its users a three-dimensional effect upon being exposed to light. It usually offers the rainbow effect, making the potential customers mesmerized by the first impression. This is a technique exclusively employed to highlight the important parts of the custom boxes.

Different Methods of Foil Stamping

You must have now understood the distinct types of foil stamping but you are still left to recognize the methods involved in its application.

Foil stamping could be executed using two different methods:

1. Traditional Foil Stamping

To perform this traditional stamping process, the design is crafted on a metal plate. The metal plate is quite similar to a modern die in its functionality. A layer of foil is placed on the surface of the customized package and then comes the part of pressing it down with the metal plate to achieve the desired shape, image, design, or logo. Pressure is exerted to achieve perfection.

Embossing and debossing of the articles could also be achieved while making the objects pass through the traditional stamping process. It makes the package visually appealing.

2. Digital Foil Stamping

Digital foil stamping uses a digital printer to create a design on the surface of the packaging material. Special types of foil are used to achieve the desired product outlook according to customer demands and market tendencies. This type of stamping is a one-time process accomplished while the packaging material passes through the digital printer, holding the capacity of giving multiple shades in one go.

Both foil stamping methods are used to achieve different packaging and printing purposes. Therefore, it would be unfair to choose one as both of them are having their own set of qualities best to fulfill the modern-day branding requirements.

Why Need Foil Stamping for Packaging?

The business owners want their products to be the best in the market, augmenting corporate sales and taking the company to new heights of progression. However, is it possible without eye-catching packages? Not at all. Foil stamping is quite a versatile technique used to enhance the attractiveness of custom packages.

This type of packaging is generally utilized for premium products. Packaging companies are now also employing UV coatings to harden the foil-stamped design on the packaging material. It offers a glossy finish and keeps the foil image, logo or design shine on the product packaging.

Common Benefits of Hot Foil Stamping

The following are the most common benefits hot foil stamping offer to its consumers:

  • Give a competitive advantage to the product specifically in the retail business.
  • Use of colored or metallic foil adds attention-grabbing features to the product.
  • Give the product a completely new feel when combined with embossing or debossing.
  • Durable and water resistant.
  • Keep the product safe from moisture or any sort of scratches.
  • Works equally well on paper as well as on cardboard.
  • Turn the custom box stylish and elegant.

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