Can you print on holographic cardstock paper?

Can you print on holographic cardstock paper?

Holographic paper printing is the current obsession of the printing industry. Everyone wants to increase the beauty of the package using the shimmery and lustrous finish of this paper.

But can you print on holographic cardstock paper?

The Answer is Yes, you can print on holographic cardstock paper. Print on holographic paper could be effortlessly obtained using a regular printer. To perfectly understand the terminology of holographic paper, let us focus on its definition.

Holographic cardstock paper is a coated paper, used to add splendor, security, and originality to the package. The embossing technique is employed to add an image, logo, or any sort of design to this type of paper. The paper holds the quality of making a rainbow effect when it is exposed to light. This is the best approach you can use for the packaging of your product if your printer can handle coated paper.  

Most large businesses and small-scale online setups are now hiring leading packaging companies to achieve the best design of their product packaging using holographic printing.

What are the uses of holographic cardstock paper?

You can use cardstock paper to achieve your distinct purposes. The attractive appearance of this type of cardstock paper helps you achieve individuality and fascination:

Business Cards

business cards

Have you got bored with the ordinary paper used in the printing of business cards? If yes, then you can use holographic cardstock paper to attract and impress the clients as well as the customers with the brilliance of your business cards. Attention to such minute details makes a great difference for you in the corporate world.

Party Invite

Invitation card

Use holographic paper to turn your invitation card eye-catching and make a lasting impression on the guests. This not only makes your card appealing but also compels the guests to attend your party without making any excuses.

Greeting Cards

Greeting card

People have gone quite away from the traditional practices of sending greeting cards on distinct occasions. However, the use of holographic paper adds a charming effect to the ordinary card and turns it into stupendous for the making of a birthday, congratulations, or thank you card.

How to get HQ Print on Holographic Cardstock Paper?

Holographic Boxes are now extensively used for the packaging of products all around the globe. But to achieve the perfect printing, there is a set of few tips one should follow to get amazing results:

Try Different Printer

The ordinary printer may not provide you with the high-quality results you are wishing to achieve for your card or box. You can get what you want on the thickness of holographic cardstock paper using a hardwearing paper printing setup.

Use a Laser Printer

The use of a laser printer could get the high quality results of your requirement on thick cardstock paper.  You can visit an ordinary printing shop to print on holographic cardstock paper utilizing efficient laser technology.

Can a normal printer print on cardstock paper?

The holographic paper could add a touch of personalization as well as excitement to any package. Nevertheless, is it possible to use the normal printer as a great holographic packaging solution? Maybe not. You should hire stupendous printing services to get amazing results. It is a bit of an expensive procedure but the outcome makes you forget everything.

Some investments never disappoint. Print on holographic cardstock paper is currently the most popular approach used to earn a competitive advantage and turn the product interesting for potential buyers. 

Stephan Benjamin

Stephan Benjamin, is a packaging expert at Box Agency, specializes in crafting durable solutions. With extensive experience in manufacturing, he knows the perfect materials for various packaging needs. He shares his expertise on all things packaging-related through his articles.

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