Spot UV Printing: Benefits & How it Works

Spot UV Printing: Benefits & How it Works

Are you planning to give your cards and the packages a professional outlook? Spot UV is quite an impressive technique used to give business cards and custom-printed boxes a luxurious presence. The remarkable packaging offers a differentiated presentation and boosts the importance of products in the competitive marketplace.

Spot UV printing is a brilliant coating technique implemented to add a glossy finish to the produced packaging material. This printing procedure is quite versatile and cost-effective in nature with an incredible ability to attract the target audience. UV varnish is applied on specific parts of the package to boost its desirability with the contrast of matte and glossy textures. This shiny tool is utilized in the printing of business cards, customized product boxes, and postal cards to give a raise to the custom designs and make them unique.

Why Use Spot UV Printing?

Spot UV printing method uses UV light to highlight the significant factors of the customized boxes including the logos, images, and designs. The varnish application also protects the product from moisture and keeps it safe from any sort of destruction.

The attention-grabbing glossy packaging turns the product distinctive in retail stores and attracts potential consumers with its fascinating aesthetic feel. This type of package printing technique improves the company’s image and enhances the brand’s presence with a premium outlook. The technology focuses on the augmentation of customer engagement, eventually intensifying user loyalty and corporate sales.

Process of Spot UV Printing

The traditional process of UV coating makes the sheets pass through rollers. The rolling machine carries a coating, which is basically used for applying varnishing on the surface of sheets.  Ultraviolet rays turn the drying process quite rapid and effortless.

To accomplish the spot UV process, an instruction file is generated by the client. This file is generally called the mask file. Such a type of file lacks color gradients. These are generated in black and white pixels. The design usually has clear, clean, and sharp boundaries. The printer is responsible for following the instruction file to every little specification.

The template generated through the use of a die then gets the application of UV varnishing. The thin layer spread over the sheet highlights specific areas of the artwork to generate the packaging design as per the client’s requirements. This not only turns out great for the company but also for earning the satisfaction of target customers.

Spot UV printing is used for specific areas of the design to make the message, logo, or image the center of attention. The rest of the area is kept plain to make the printed area prominent. This keeps the design attractive to potential customers.

Practical Application of Spot UV Printing in Packaging

The printing cum coating technique is nothing less than a blessing for brands aspiring to achieve product success in the advanced competitive market. This is used in the production of

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Wedding cards
  • Party invite
  • Custom packages etc.

The method allows us to achieve any type of look ranging from a bright glossy finish to matte subtle color combinations. This is usually suitable for thick paper or thin cardboard sheets for a perfect appearance. Spot UV printing works best on the foil stamping, enhancing the overall appearance of the package. 

Apple, the internationally recognized brand, is making the best use of this printing procedure to highlight its minimalistic design on the striking white base. Such packages hold great magnetism and offer users an incredible unboxing experience.

Combination of Spot UV and Matte Lamination

Spot UV used on matte laminations puts an astounding impact on the packaging materials. This is superb for brands aspiring to have glossy touch on matte laminations, vital to highlight the important aspects of the custom boxes.

This type of Spot UV is best for giving prominence to your brand logos and images.

Combination of Spot UV and Matte Varnish

The combination of spot UV and matte varnish is best for companies wanting to give their custom boxes a smooth achromatic appearance. Cosmetic companies prefer to go for this type of spot UV printing as it presents a luxurious feel, making it noticeable to potential customers.

This combination is perfect for highlighting special segments of the package with a superlative outlook.  

Combination of Spot UV and Soft Matte Polish  

Spot UV on soft matte surfaces is known for enhancing the overall look of custom-printed boxes.

This offers a smooth and soft velvety texture, refining the sophisticated feel of the packages. This is also known as silk spot UV, eminent for achieving customer satisfaction through graceful surfaces and appealing finish.

Common Benefits of Spot UV Printing

Let us have a look at the common benefits of spot UV printing:

Brand Image Enhancement

The use of this remarkable technique enhances the overall look of the brand, turning it quite arresting for the target customers. This offers great brand recognition, ultimately increasing the company’s sales.

Eco-Friendly Elements

The ultraviolet coating employed in this technique does not contain any type of hazardous substances. This does not cause environmental pollution and is considered safe for living beings.

Fast Processing

The processing speed of this coating technique is quite fast, which reduces the package production time. The quick drying process turns the custom boxes quite stunning for the customers.

Protective Shield

Spot UV keeps the product safe from diverse environmental elements. This does not allow moisture to get into the packaging material offering reliability as well as durability to the custom printed boxes.

Glossy Finish

This printing technology is used all around the world for giving a glossy finish to a high-quality product. It holds a luxurious touch and turns the packaging material reliable with its astounding tear-resistance feature. This offers great customer engagement, making the product appealing to the end-users.

Interesting Textures

The varnish employed in the spot UV printing procedure develops the depth of product packaging material. This allows the consumers to feel special while touching the customized boxes. The technique offers its users an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Appealing Color Combination

  Colors play an important role in making glossy textures bright and exciting.  The vibrant combinations add liveliness to the product packaging material and transform it alluring for the target audience utilizing the competence of spot UV printing.


Spot UV printing is an excellent technique utilized to apply a coating over the printed packaging materials to enhance their exquisiteness under ultraviolet light. It is a great add-on option for packaging used to promote the brand image and grant a supreme outlook to the products, eventually leading to the company’s progression.

So, do not waste your time on ordinary boxes and get in touch with Box Agency to give your customers an unforgettable package quality experience.  

Stephan Benjamin

Stephan Benjamin, is a packaging expert at Box Agency, specializes in crafting durable solutions. With extensive experience in manufacturing, he knows the perfect materials for various packaging needs. He shares his expertise on all things packaging-related through his articles.

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