A Guide to Holographic Paper Printing

A Guide to Holographic Paper Printing

Discover the magic of holographic paper printing in our simple guide. Learn easy tips and techniques to create amazing holographic prints that look stunning. But before that, you need to have a better understanding of what holographic material is.

What is holographic paper?

holographic paper

A piece of sheet or paperboard in which the design is either embossed or printed and later covered in thin transparent film/lamination of metal is known as “holographic paper.” Depending on the perspective, the finished sheet exhibits a type of rainbow iridescence. 

This paper can be used in several products in a range of printing projects in order to create a stunning 3D visual effect. Holographic paper adds a dynamic and futuristic quality to printed materials, making them stand out on shelves or in displays. Its versatility lies in the ability to be integrated into a wide range of products, offering a captivating and eye-catching aesthetic that captivates consumers and provides a unique, high-impact visual experience.  

Different Methods of Holographic Printing

Holographic paper isn’t suitable for offset printing because of its smooth, reflective surface; other techniques can still be used to overprint it.

When printing on holographic packaging, many several factors affect the choices, which include budget, how many boxes you need to print, and what is the nature of your product.

The following methods work best when printing on holographic paper:

  • Foil Stamping on Holographic Paper
  • UV Printing on Holographic Paper
  • Silk Printing on Holographic Paper

Foil Stamping on Holographic Paper

holographic-foil stamping

Make your graphic paper more appealing by using the hot foil stamping technique, also known as metallic foil printing. The foil stamping process involves using metal or dies associated with heat and pressure in order to adhere a thin foil layer to a paper substrate.

In addition to producing textured surfaces with a gold, silver, copper, or bronze sheen, this method can create other colors on matte or glossy surfaces by adding special pigments.

UV Printing on Holographic Paper

UV Printing on Holographic Paper

UV printing on holographic cardboard paper provides a vibrant and durable solution for printing on challenging surfaces. Using UV printing technology, the ink on holographic paper is absorbed more efficiently, providing more vivid and crisp images. 

The ink is cured instantly with UV light, preventing smudging and enhancing adhesion. A holographic cardboard substrate enhances the visual appeal of printed materials by adding a dynamic, eye-catching dimension. 

As a result of this innovative approach, UV printing on holographic cardboard is a preferred choice for impactful and robust prints because it addresses both the absorption issue and the finish.

Silk Screen Printing Holographic Paper:

Silk Screen Printing Holographic Paper

Silkscreen printing proves to be a compelling choice for holographic paper, particularly when dealing with sizable images or text. This technique involves applying inks through a silk screen with an embedded stenciled design, delivering exceptional, high-quality results. 

Despite its manual setup and higher costs compared to offset or UV printing, the visual impact is undeniable. However, it’s less suitable for extensive print runs due to the time and expense involved. 

Take your holographic packaging ideas to another level with silk printing on holographic paper, a truly remarkable combination of intricate design and superior craftsmanship.

How is Holographic Paper Printing Used in Packaging?

A product presentation and brand aesthetic are enhanced by using holographic paper printing in packaging. An attention-grabbing look is created by applying standard ink to holographic paper. By using intricate holographic patterns, packaging designs can be made more vibrant and vivid. 

Here are some key features of using holographic packaging

  • Brand Differentiation: Holographic printing creates eye-catching, dynamic packaging for brands.
  • Luxury Packaging: Makes products stand out on shelves by enhancing their perceived value.
  • Enhanced Graphics: Holographic paper uses standard ink to achieve clear, vivid images.

A holographic box not only protects products but also creates a lasting and visually engaging experience for customers.

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Benefits of Holographic Paper Printing:

Holographic paper offers a number of advantages when used in print product design, whether for book covers, custom printed boxes, board game cards, or anything else:

  1. The cost-effectiveness of holographic paper means it is an ideal choice for budget-friendly designs despite its high visual impact.
  2. Especially when coated or laminated, holographic paper is robust and resilient, exhibiting resistance to scuffs and scratches.
  3. An elevated perception of value is attained when holographic paper is integrated into your product’s design.
  4. Combined with a variety of other cards and papers, holographic paper can be used in a wide range of creative and versatile ways.

Usage of Holographic Printing on Different Products:

Discover the versatility of holographic paper in creating stunning printed products, blending both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Here are popular choices customers often explore:

  1. Holographic Packaging: Ideal for custom holographic packaging, including rigid, collapsible, and folding cartons, as well as various retail and gift boxes.
  2. Holographic Cards: Add a touch of holographic brilliance to greeting cards, playing cards, board game cards, flashcards, and even visiting cards.
  3. Holographic Stickers: They can be used as prizes or gifts in children’s products, cereal boxes, confectionery, magazines, and comics.
  4. Holographic Book Covers: Make book covers eye-catching and convincing, especially for science fiction, children’s books, technology, and photographic books. 
  5. Holographic Posters: Add visual impact to posters by using holographic paper or integrating holographic elements.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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