9 Food Packaging Ideas for your Food Business

9 Food Packaging Ideas for your Food Business

Today, the selection of the best food packaging ideas demands a great deal of hard work. The right food packaging keeps the food safe during the shipment procedures but provides vital information regarding the allergens and expiry dates.

Also it makes the food business stand distinctive in the row of rivals. This also enhances brand recognition among potential customers while contributing toward profit maximization. Packaging allows brands to play with designs, textures, graphics, and materials for putting an impact on customer buying behavior.

Therefore, food businesses should pay special attention to designing outstanding food packaging with the use of premium packaging materials.

Why do I need Packaging for my Foods?

Food packaging is an effective marketing tool for brands using premium packaging material to protect the product during shipping procedures. Perfect packaging makes food companies stand out in the competitive food business. Exceptional packaging ideas for food can attract customers even if they do not know about the brand and its products. Let’s have a look at some of the following reasons highlighting the significance of food packaging:

  • To establish a brand reputation
  • To efficiently protect the perishable good
  • To keep the food safe from severe climatic conditions
  • To make the customers familiar with the brand
  • To create convenience for customers who prefer ready-to-eat food.
  • To attract the buyer to purchase the product.
  • To keep the food fresh and intact.
  • To print expiry dates for customer awareness. 

List of 9 Packaging Ideas for Foods

Following is the list of some cost-efficient custom packaging ideas that will help you choose the right food packaging material for the safety of your products and the prosperity of your business:

1. Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are produced from plant-based raw materials. This is an eco-friendly packaging idea used to package food inexpensively for retail businesses and startups. Few brands prefer to add a see-through window to make the food visible to the consumers. Cardboard boxes are generated from paper pulp, so they are microwaveable if not carrying a plastic see-through window. Cardboard is extensively used in the production of custom food boxes. These boxes could be sealed using custom stickers to augment the security of food items. These are quite affordable, making it effortless to utilize as a food packaging material.

2. Polyethylene Tub

The polyethylene tubs are quite lightweight, firm, stiff, and harmless. The plastic used as a raw material in its production does not release any type of dangerous chemicals. The PE tubs are quite secure and provide outstanding protection for their contents. These are air-tight containers, not allowing anything to muddle the freshness of food. These are quite effortless to open or close. Their shape allows the customers to put them in the refrigerators and reuse the food for quite a long period. You can store solid as well as liquid products inside the PE tubs. They carry plastic seals that increase the shelf life of food. One disadvantage of using PE tubs is that they are non-microwaveable because of the plastic used in their production.

3. Tin Can

Tin cans are usually made of metal, keeping the perishable goods fresh and protected. These are locked quite tightly to keep the food contents safe inside them. These are stiff and do not allow anything to distort its shape. These are best to secure solid as well as liquid food products. These are used to carry fizzy drinks which could be effortlessly chilled in the refrigerators. Some brands also use them to send their food from one place to another. They hold strong sealing, augmenting the shelf-life of the protected food.  

4. Cellophane Bag with a Twist Tie

Cellophane is the name of a plastic substance generated from cellulose. This is firmer than polyethylene tubs. Cellophane bags were previously sealed using heat but the current era advancements have introduced twist ties, often used to seal the bags. They are quite cost-efficient and could be reused as wrappers. Cellophane is more economical than PE tubs and holds an eco-friendly nature. The use of twist ties in cellophane bags augments the food shelf life. Extreme care should be taken while using a cellophane bag with twist ties as it holds sharp edges.

5. QR-coded food packaging

QR-coded food packaging is done to make customers aware of the food, and its ingredients. It provides information attached to the brand. It is a great way of customer engagement and keeps the brand motivated towards the espousal of advanced methods. QR code keeps the customers connected with the brand to gain knowledge regarding the product. This helps you achieve your marketing goals in quite an efficient manner.

6. Multi-purpose packaging

Multi-purpose packaging is used to protect the product and is also used for other purposes after removing the product from it. The packaging operates as a multi-purpose box. This makes the customer excited not just to buy the product but to use the packaging also. It offers an incredible unboxing experience. This is the type of packaging getting popular for being unique, innovative, impressive, interesting, and interactive. These are mostly used as gift boxes in their second life to augment the customer’s convenience.

7. Clear Transparent food packaging

Clear transparent packaging is often known as PVC packaging because of the substance “Polyvinyl Chloride” used in its production. This is mostly used to manufacture plastic pouches, garment bags, shopping bags, and cosmetic cases. This is specifically designed for customers aspiring to see through the packaging. This makes the product prominent instead of being itself in the limelight. Clear transparent food packaging is quite an impressive idea for the brands striving to enhance the customer engagement. This packaging makes the product interesting as well as interactive for the potential customers. Customized stickers are used to mention important information on the products highlighting the brand logo, product name, ingredients used, manufacturing date, and expiry date.

8. Reusable food packaging

Consumers are getting quite worried about environmental issues; therefore, we have come up with reusable food packaging that is biodegradable, compostable, and reusable in multiple ways. The packaging is generated from organic raw materials, making it harmless to nature. These eco-friendly alternatives have become the talk of the town because of their safety and benefits. These are quite durable and hold quite a long shelf life to be reused in various distinct manners. This is quite safe and does not require much capital to fulfill the product packaging requirements.  

9. Custom take-out packaging

Custom take-out packaging is the custom food boxes restaurants are holding to carry out delivery and takeaway orders. This type of packaging knows the art of presenting your food incredibly. Such boxes are usually generated by the packaging companies in the paperboard material. These are given distinct shapes to fulfill various purposes. Custom take-out packaging could be customized using artwork design, brand logo, restaurant mission, and the brand punch line. These are eco-friendly packaging alternatives designed to keep the food fresh for the customers. These boxes usually have flaps on two sides to close them using the plastic tape as a seal. They are brilliantly convenient and make the customers satisfied with their quality.


We have given you some worth trying food packaging ideas to attract target customers and increase the sales volume in the highly competitive food industry. Traditional ways of advertising are now becoming outdated to impress smart shoppers. The current era consumers require something unique, tempting, and attractive to impress them, and what works better than premium food packaging? 

Therefore, the brands should take their precious time out and focus on the selection of the best food packaging ideas to highlight their perishable goods at quite an affordable price. 

Box Agency holds an expert team of designers to give your creative imagination a realistic shape. So, get in touch with us and discuss what you think is brilliant for your product.

Cecilia Greenberg

Cecilia Greenberg is a seasoned writer and box designs expert at Box Agency, a leading packaging company dedicated to delivering exceptional custom boxes and retail packaging solutions. She helps businesses by understanding packaging concepts in a simple and clear way.

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