What is Kraft Paper?

What is Kraft Paper?

The packaging world is currently holding high demand for eco-friendly options, incredibly wrapping the product while being a friend of nature. Kraft paper has come up as an amazing packaging solution for people living around the globe but have you ever thought about what is a Kraft paper?

The word “Kraft” originates from a German word meaning “strong”. It is a naturally biodegradable material extracted from trees to fulfill protection and packaging purposes. It is generated from the chemical-free pulp, which results in the formation of woody textured paper suitable for a variety of distinct commercial and industrial procedures. This is robust and resistant, perfect for the production of boxes and cartons.

Production Process of Kraft Paper

Wood is converted into wood pulp for the production of this type of paper. Lignin and cellulose are used to keep the wood together with minimal or zero contribution of chemicals for the manufacturing of an exceptional paper. The use of sulfates augments the strength of paper. The substantial nature of Kraft works great to achieve the packaging drives.

How is Kraft Paper better than Regular Paper?

To give the paper brilliant resistance and durable characteristics, maximum lignin is taken out of the wood pulp eventually generating a product suitable to satisfy packing commitments.

This type of packaging material is also utilized in the manufacturing of custom boxes, ready to dominate the market with its resilience and toughness. Corrugated cardboard boxes are also produced using raw Kraft paper, considered essential to deliver the product to far places.

Types of Kraft Paper

Following are a few types of Kraft Paper available in the market:

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

This paper is a brilliant option for heavy products demanding tear resistance. Its durability provides protection and strength to the package.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

This is not as strong as the above option but surely more eco-friendly. It works great as liners and wraps.

Black Kraft Paper

Black paper is used as an exceptional background for photo frames. It is an interesting paper used in the decoration of art projects.

Colored Kraft Paper

This is a great option used in the manufacturing of scrapbooks for the remarkable completion of art projects. It is wonderful if your target market is schools.  

White or Bleached Kraft Paper

This is the thing offered when the client demands a clean appearance. Restaurants also use this paper in place of table mats as quite an economical option.

Custom Printed Kraft Paper

Custom-printed Kraft paper is used by brands for the creation of brand wrappers, packages, and boxes. It is a versatile option improving the brand outlook and gives the business a push toward progression.

Benefits of Kraft Paper

The market is currently enjoying the advantages of Kraft, some of which are mentioned below:

·  Strength

It is the strongest form of paper, making it durable, resilient, and tear-resistant vital to satisfy packaging necessities.

·  Cost – Efficient  

Wood pulp extracted from oak, pine, and bamboo trees is used in the manufacturing of this type of paper.  The entire process of production demands low material costs, eventually turning the production of paper quite cost-efficient.

· Chemical Free

It is a chemical-free product manufactured to keep the dangers out of our environment. The production process does not hold the bleaching step, eventually becoming the reason for its natural brown color and tough texture.

· Eco – Friendly

This is surely eco–friendly in nature. It follows the decomposition procedure just as the leaves and goes through the process of degradation in a period of only a few weeks. This is a biodegradable paper having less or no damage to nature.  

Use of Kraft Paper in Packaging

Hope you would be clear with the answer to “What is Kraft paper?” Brown cardboard boxes and paper are quite popular in the packaging world. Its durability and cost-efficiency make it quite a resourceful option. The paper is also light in weight, ultimately becoming the reason for low shipment costs.

Kraft candle boxes are a great packaging product, often used as brilliant stuff to provide a cushioning effect to the candles going toward the shipment procedures.

The custom printing option also becomes great for brands, aspiring to invest in nature-friendly alternatives.

Box agency is striving their best efforts to make this world a better place to live. Therefore, we believe in the right utilization of paper in the packaging world. We hold a brilliant team of professionals ensuring the quality of your packaging material and designing it accordingly to ensure safe as well as secure delivery to worthy customers.

Cecilia Greenberg

Cecilia Greenberg is a seasoned writer and box designs expert at Box Agency, a leading packaging company dedicated to delivering exceptional custom boxes and retail packaging solutions. She helps businesses by understanding packaging concepts in a simple and clear way.