7 Soap Packaging Ideas [Creative & Eco Friendly]

7 Soap Packaging Ideas [Creative & Eco Friendly]

A homemade soap product requires creative and eco-friendly packaging to attract target customers and impress them with its quality. Soap protection isn’t just for protecting the product, it’s also for increasing brand recognition and sales. There are indeed some great soap manufacturers on the market, but if they lack captivating packaging, they will not be able to progress at the rate they should.

Through this blog, you will learn 7 handmade soap packaging ideas to pack soap creatively while keeping the environment safe at the same time.

List of 7 Eco Friendly Soap Packaging Ideas

Now let’s explore the captivating soap packaging ideas to package your homemade soaps in a creative way without affecting the environment.

1. Use Paper Wraps with Ribbons

 Brands could choose paper wraps with ribbons for custom soap packaging. It is quite an artistic yet innovative packaging design used to make the soaps attractive to potential customers. To design such packaging, the brands could use custom-printed paper, wrap it around the soap, and tie it up with the ribbon to ensure perfection as well as protection.

The brands could order the production of customized paper wraps for the soap packaging. They are allowed to choose materials for the production of custom soap wraps. The packaging material is printed using the logo, images, or artwork design to showcase the brand story.

The printed papers are then wrapped around the soap and tightened up with the ribbon to elevate the brand’s reputation in the competitive market. The packaging idea gives a unique appearance to the soap and keeps it safe from dust, damage, or moisture during transit.

homemade soap boxes


  • Cost-effective packaging solution
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Make the soap stand distinctive in the competitive market.
  • Save time as well as money
  • Ensure product protection.
  • Eco-friendly


  • Expert designers are required to enhance the packaging outlook.
  • Designing becomes quite expensive.
  • Brands need to order custom labels to minimize packaging expenses.

2. Kraft Paper bands

Kraft Paper bands wrap around the body of the soap to let the customers know about the ingredients, fragrance, and other vital elements. These are incredibly innovative and give sufficient space to fulfill branding purposes.

They are personalized using eco-friendly packaging material, and printed with eco-friendly toners to keep the packaging safe from harmful substances. Custom-printed paper brands are crafted to attract target customers with eye-catching designs.  

paper band


  • Affordable packaging solution.
  • Support brand recognition.
  • Give vital information about the soap.


  • Lack the protection element.   
  • Demand special temperature maintenance for storage purposes.

3. Make your soap fancy with a soap cutout box.

Customers mostly purchase the product based on its display packaging instead of focusing on the soap’s outlook and its fragrance. A custom soap cutout box allows potential buyers to enjoy the shape, size, and smell of the soap with the use of their sensory organs. The packaging offers an amazing experience while keeping the soap safe and protected within a personalised box.

custom soap box banner

Cutouts could be customised with eye-catching color contrast, textures, or patterns to make the product stand distinctive in the competitive market. The cutouts should be designed to appreciate the allure of the logo, soap shape, and box design. Cutouts could be given space on any packaging panel in any shape or size depending on the box dimensions.

soap cut out box


  • Innovative packaging.
  • Allow the users to witness the beauty of soap even before making a purchase.
  • Give customers an incredible sensory experience.
  • Effortless to design on any packaging material.
  • No extra charges for cutout designing


  • Large cutouts could destroy the beauty of packaging.

4. Vintage Paper Wrap

Give your soap a classy yet luxurious outlook with vintage paper wraps. The packaging gives an old-school vibe, keeping the customers connected with their traditional patterns. The papers are designed keeping in mind the customer’s love for the antique pieces. Vintage packaging level-up style game and turn the soaps charming with their interactive presence. They add an interesting factor to the product with the perfect color combination and printing.

Vintage paper wraps make the soap stand distinctive in the row of its rivals. They could be designed using eco-friendly packaging materials to impress the target audience with their remarkable presentation.

Vintage Paper Wrap


  • Classic outlook
  • Eco-friendly packaging solution.
  • Traditional yet eye-catching to the target customers.  
  • Require less packaging cost.
  • Fast turnaround time.


  • Attractive to a specific portion of the market.
  • Lack of impressive presentation on retail store shelves.

6. Soap Sleeve 

Soap sleeves have appeared as quite an affordable yet trendy packaging solution in the last few years. Sleeves are quite small in size as compared to the whole custom printed soap boxes but could be personalized using important data. Brands could order the printing of brand names, logos, images, graphics, and ingredients on the sleeve packaging. They could be manufactured using any packaging material with the addition of high-quality finishings, laminations, and coatings.   

Sleeve packaging allows the customers to enjoy the soap’s appearance, fragrance, color, and other features. The users could appreciate the exquisiteness of soap even before spending their hard-earned money on it.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Boost the brand reputation
  • Keep the soap partially protected


  • Does not ensure complete protection.
  • Could make the soap fall out of it
  • Require accurate soap dimensions

6. Foil Stamping for Soap Packaging

Foil stamping is a trendy printing technique used by brands to apply foil films on the surface of a soap box. The procedure comprises the creation of metal dies, pressed on the package using heat. This augments the value of soap by creating an attention-grabbing visual aspect in its packaging.

Foil Stamping for Soap Packaging

Light-colored and metallic foils are quite popular to turn the dark soap package striking. This is an outstanding idea to make your soap earn a competitive advantage, eventually growing the company’s sales.

7. Go with Half or Holster Boxes

Holster Boxes is just another name for half-packaging boxes, specifically designed to showcase the beauty of soap bars. They are designed to highlight the soap color and fragrance while being affordable for startups or small-scale e-commerce brands. They make the soaps fully available on the retail store shelves without causing any sort of damage to their beauty and brilliance. This is undoubtedly quite a simple yet innovative packaging solution crafted to augment the soap’s loveliness.

A Holster box could be ordered in any shape or size depending on the soap dimensions. They are mostly created using eco-friendly packaging materials to keep nature safe from hazardous substances.

holster box


  • Make the customers enjoy the smell and beauty of soap.
  • Looks attractive while being on retail store shelves.
  • Highlight the product features.
  • Could be printed using any color, text, graphics, or images.


  • Does not ensure complete protection.
  • A little change in size could take them completely off.

Soap Packaging Ideas that Box Agency Offers

Box Agency is a leading packaging company, holding an expert team of professionals to give your soap packaging an extravagant outlook. We hold no minimum order quantity policy so you could order the quantity you think is best to showcase your soaps on retail store shelves.

We allow our valued customers to get their desired designs to the table or discuss their packaging requirements with our designers to get what they always dreamt of.

Here, we are attaching a few images depicting the excellence of our soap packaging:

kraft box
black soap box
soap window box
soap sleeve box

Wrapping it Up

Hope you have got enough knowledge about soap packaging ideas and selected one you consider best to give your soap a great market presence. The following is a set of steps brands should follow to get themselves ready for the packaging process:

  • Make an accurate soap measurement.
  • Plan how you want to display or store your soap.
  • Keep the packaging aligned with the soap brand’s features.  
  • Define your packaging budget and requirements.
  • Choose the timeline for soap packaging

Get yourself prepared for the soap packaging and get in touch with our team without wasting time as well as money. We offer great discounts to local businesses without making any restrictions on the minimum order quantities. Our focus is to earn customer satisfaction and offer them an unforgettable unboxing experience. So, order from us and witness your dreams getting a realistic touch. 

Cecilia Greenberg

Cecilia Greenberg is a seasoned writer and box designs expert at Box Agency, a leading packaging company dedicated to delivering exceptional custom boxes and retail packaging solutions. She helps businesses by understanding packaging concepts in a simple and clear way.

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